Oatmeal for Abs

Oatmeal for Abs

Look around—not only is oatmeal super delicious and tantalizing but it is also known to promote weight loss and help ward off a myriad of hard-to-treat diseases. And this is not surprising considering that oatmeal is a complex carb made of high-quality fiber that can assist in guarding against obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses, especially when it is used as a replacement for simple and highly-refined carbs. In other words, using oatmeal for abs is an excellent way of bulking up or getting cut while also infusing a load of useful nutrients to your muscles.

Is Oatmeal Good for Abs? Unlocking the Seven Major Reasons you Should Integrate it into Your Exercise and Fitness Journey

While the term 'oatmeal abs' may sound like a paradox on paper, you might be surprised by how incredibly beneficial it can be in preparing your muscles for the hugely taxing task of working out by furnishing it with elevated energy levels. That aside, here are some nuggets why turning to oatmeal for abs is a wise decision.

  1. Oats are relatively high in quality protein compared to most breakfast cereals, which is a huge plus if you are looking to build muscle and beef up.

  2. When paired with high-quality zinc, oats are fantastic in helping in the conversion of carbs into useful energy that can then be used to fuel your quest to get washboard abs. Zinc also assists in the tissue repair process that your body undergoes after a grueling exercise stint.

  3. The neutral taste of the standard oatmeal you get from the supermarket means that it can be paired or served with virtually any other superfood, be it a simple protein shake or smoothie. This gives you another avenue of upping your intake of useful vitamins.

  4. That irresistible, delicious and chewy texture of oatmeal can help keep you full for longer hours at a go which means that you won't be snacking on sugar bars as often as you might be presently doing. Which, of course, translates to a faster progression to a flat tummy.

How to Make Orient Express Oatmeal - The Easy Way!

For this post-workout meal, which can also double up as a nutrition-laden breakfast, combine your favorite dairy, instant oats and some flavorful nuts. For most people, this would be a combination of ground flax, ginger and almonds or peanuts. To make it even more tasteful, dress the final set-up with honey and vanilla yogurt for that yummy and tantalizing finish. Remember to let the microwaved ingredients sit for two or three minutes before adding a few drops of Wellabs Zinc to fortify the porridge before eating it.

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