Creamy Lemonade Recipe

Creamy Lemonade Recipe

The perfect creamy lemonade recipe combines the refreshing tinge of sweetened condensed milk with the nuanced sourness of freshly-squeezed lemon juice. The result is a creamy, ice-cold and deliciously invigorating drink that would easily come in handy in those blazing hot summer afternoons. And the best thing about it? You can get more creative and add a crucial boost of selenium plus vitamin E to your lemon milkshake by adding 2 to 3 drops of Wellabs Selenium Drops for each serving of lemonade with milk. And speaking of health benefits, here are some of the upsides of whipping up a lemon milk drink any time thirst knocks at your door.

Key Ingredients of Lemonade Milk

One thing that stands out remarkably in this creamy lemonade recipe is the sweetened condensed milk that features prominently here. Worry not, if you are wondering; is buttermilk good for weight loss, drinking it will not only keep you amply hydrated but also feeling energetic as well. Actually, buttermilk packs an array of vitamins, proteins, and a collection of minerals while still remaining low in fats and calories. That aside, here's what you can gain from this recipe that aims to beat the highly misconstrued lemon and milk reaction.

1. Lemon

It's a widely-recognized fact that lemon packs a collection of impressive health benefits which include aiding in weight loss, protection against anemia, improving your overall digestive health, and supporting one's cardiovascular function. Don't also forget that lemons are incredibly high in ascorbic acid, fiber and a suite of antioxidants that could go a long way in keeping injurious free radicals at bay. The same can also be said of the mint leaves that act as an accompaniment to the freshly-squeezed lemon juice.

2. Condensed Milk

Apart from having an ultra long shelf life, the added sugar in condensed milk can come in handy when you are looking to satisfy your sweet-tooth craving while still getting an extra dose of protein, healthy fats and a number of bone-healthy minerals such as phosphorus and calcium.

3. Wellabs Selenium Drops

Wellabs Selenium Drops

Arguably, the best thing about these selenium-laden drops by Wellabs is that they are infused with vitamin E. You see, this is an essential nutrient that is incredibly hard to come across especially for vegetarians and those who adhere to a strict vegan-inspired lifestyle. Adding two drops for each serving of lemon milk drink means that you'll be killing two birds with one stone.