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5-HTP Supplement Capsules

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Looking to restore order, harmony and balance to your life? Our 5 htp capsules are the steering compass that you need to arrest the disarray, chaos and shambles and replace it with organization and mind-body healthfulness. Here's the thing, 5-hydroxy-l-tryptophan is a chemical byproduct of L-tryptophan, a major protein building block in the body. 5-hydroxytryptophan works in the central nervous system and brain to increase the levels of serotonin. And serotonin, in case you are not aware, affects appetite, sleep, pain sensation, temperature, sexual behaviour among other miscellaneous but still important aspects of your life.

5 htp, What is it Good for? Exploring the little-understood Benefits of Vegan 5 htp

At this juncture, it is only natural that you may be wondering, what is 5 htp and exactly what does 5 htp do? Well, for starters, your body already produces this amino acid naturally within its cells. It is needed for the production of serotonin, a very important chemical messenger that coordinates signals between different nerve cells in the brain. With that short preview, here is a collection of some of the major unsung benefits of this little-known but highly important supplement.

Incredible 5htp Sleep Benefits

Get a restful slumber every night 7 days a week by incorporating our naturally-formulated 5 hydroxy tryptophan capsule into your wellness routine. You see, htp 5 is involved in the production of serotonin. This, on the other hand, can be converted into melatonin, one of the brain's most-important chemical signatures as far as regulating sleep cycles goes. Normally, our melatonin levels often start to rise at dusk to make us sleepy enough to get to bed in time and fall at dawn to wake us up. The only problem is that, for a large section of today's population, this hardly happens and the result is sleep deprivation, self-destructive sleep cycles and chronic insomnia.

Fortunately, by supplementing with our 5 htp vegan capsules, you can infuse some kind of normalcy in your sleeping rhythm by supporting the characteristic rise and fall of melatonin in the body required for a relaxing zizz. One human-based study, for instance, found out that taking 5-htp tablets drastically reduced the time that subjects took to fall asleep without any of the counter-productive side effects that are associated with conventional sleeping pills. And it’s not just that, our vegan 5 htp tablets are not just adapted to helping you fall asleep faster but also sleep uninterrupted for longer while enjoying a high-quality snooze.

Beat Depression with our 5 htp Serotonin Boosters

The effects and impact that 5-HTP has on relieving depression are well-studied and documented. And while the exact mainspring of chronic depressive episodes is not exactly clear, there's no denying that researchers believe that serotonin imbalance plays a critical role in influencing one's mood in a way that can precipitate depression. What, in other words, this implies is that you can improve the symptoms of depression by boosting your levels of serotonin and this is where the antidepressive effects of our 5 htp pills really come into play.

Into the bargain, studies show that taking 5 htp serotonin capsules has been found out to be very useful in reducing the likelihood of recurrent depressive episodes. And unlike regular antidepressant which is awash with undesirable side effects, the depression-combating upsides that you get from natural 5 htp mood support comes without any strings attached, literally.

Enjoy Improved Fibromyalgia Symptoms

One of the main unseen benefits of taking 5-htp for sleep is that you are also likely to experience improved symptoms of fibromyalgia. This, for those who may not be familiar with the term, is a chronic condition that is characterised by bone and muscle pain, in addition to general muscle weakness. Granted, there's no definite known cause for this debilitating condition although many experts believe that low serotonin levels are to largely to blame.

In a way, boosting one's level of serotonin by taking 5-hydroxy-l-tryptophan capsules should benefit people suffering from this ailment while, at the same time, helping alleviate some of its symptoms which include sleep problems, muscle pain, fatigue and anxiety.

Reduce Your Migraine Frequency

If you routinely suffer from throbbing headaches that can't seem to go away, taking 5-htp capsules may help tone down the severity of the migraines by improving your serotonin levels. Although the consensus for what exactly is the cause behind migraines is not out, most health researchers are under the impression that lower-than-normal serotonin levels are the chief culprit for this. This, of course, leads us to this amino acid that has been isolated as one of the important ingredients needed for the secretion of healthy serotonin levels. If anything, a study conducted back in 2014 found out that supplementation with 5 htp supplements every day for at least six months significantly decreased or prevented the frequency of migraine attacks in 70% of the participants.

Turbo Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts Using these Capsules

Incorporating these 5htp vitamin capsules into your life through daily usage has been shown to be quite effective in boosting one's weight loss efforts, especially if you are trying to cut back on the number of calories consumed in a day. In one way or another, taking 5-HTP can make you feel a little fuller than you really are, meaning that you will end eating less food which then translates to a faster dropping of those excess pounds. Similarly, the fact that using HTP supplement discourages the intake of calories from simple/refined carbohydrates translates to better blood sugar control in the long run.

Besides, you probably already know that losing weight triggers the secretion of hunger-inducing hormones causing you to eat more, which then negate any fitness efforts. This, therefore, implies that long-term weight loss is unsustainable for a large section of the population. Fortunately, with the aid of 5-HTP (that can counteract the impact of these hunger-triggering hormones), you can suppress a ravenous appetite enough for your dieting efforts to bear positive fruit.

5HTP and Pregnancy: Can you Take it?

As much as the benefits of 5-hydroxy-l-tryptophan in regulating one's serotonin levels are well-documented, it's probably not the best idea for you to take these capsules while expectant or breastfeeding a young child. What's more, refrain from giving these serotonin-booster supplements to a tender-age child without instruction from the doctor.

Piece Your Life Together With these Incredible Serotonin Mood Boosters

Having stable and healthy serotonin levels is the key to leading a balanced life devoid of emotional instability, chaos or depressive episodes. It also helps you manage stress more easily. The world is already extracting, exacting and demanding as it is already - you need something you can fall back on whenever your supply of serotonin runs low. Here's where our naturally-formulated and vegan-friendly capsules come into play. You don't even need to worry about where to buy 5 htp thanks to our well-streamlined ordering and shipping process that ensures that you get these capsules right to your front door. All you have to do from your side is click the 'buy 5 htp' button and let us take care of the rest.

Main Ingredients:
  • 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) - 300 mg
  • L-Tryptophan - 100 mg
Other Ingredients:

Vegetable Capsule (hypromellose), Rice Flour.

Now that we have drawn a clear picture of the various 5htp uses that you can look forward to when you incorporate these L-tryptophan capsules in your life, it’s only natural to wonder how to take 5htp or whether or not should 5htp be taken with food. Thankfully, we have developed a standard dosage for this and as long as you stick within the recommended limit of taking two capsules a day, then you should be in a position to enjoy the various upsides of having healthy serotonin levels. Having said that, if you are looking for better weight management via these capsules, then swallowing them at least 30 minutes before a meal can be more effective than taking them alongside meals.

We are well aware that our 5 htp tryptophan supplement plays a critical role in availing the precursor to the very important neurotransmitter known as serotonin. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to bear in mind that these capsules are not intended in any shape or form to treat, manage, cure or reverse any specific clinical condition or chronic ailment. Also, it is advisable to seek clarification from your healthcare provider before starting to use these supplements on a daily basis if they have already prescribed another long-term medication just to avoid the likelihood of drug interaction.

Q: How long does 5-htp stay in your system?

A: According to experts who have conducted a battery of tests on this supplement, the biological half-life of l-5-hydroxytryptophan teeters between 2.2 to about 7.4 hours when used to manage stress. The rate of plasma clearance, on the other hand, revolves around 0.1 to 0 25 1/kg/hour. In other words, this means that the effects of hydroxytryptophan will have cleared in about a day or so. And this explains why the recommended dosage of taking 2 capsules within 24 hours exists.

Q: How to take 5 htp for weight loss?

A: Widely acclaimed for its ability to promote fast weight loss, 5-hydroxy-l-tryptophan has been shown to be quite effective in toning down a ravenous appetite by stimulating the production of serotonin in the brain. Expert dieters who have relied on taking these supplements for better weight control recommend taking the capsules at least minutes prior to meals rather than swallowing them after eating or alongside.

Q: How to take l theanine and 5 htp together?

A: As much as preliminary reports show that very little or no drug interaction exists between hydroxytryptophan and l-theanine, it is advisable to exercise caution when dabbling with the two. Avoid using both of them at the same time as there is no way of telling how your body's metabolism will react to the input of these vastly different active ingredients at the same time.

Q: How long after taking 5 htp can I drink alcohol?

A: Under no circumstances should one take alcohol and 5-hydroxy-l-tryptophan capsules at the same time. Alcohol may interact with the active ingredients of the capsules and render them ineffective or even dangerously toxic. As such, you are advised to wait between 6 to 12 hours after swallowing the capsules before indulging in an alcoholic beverage. It would be better, obviously, if you can avoid taking alcohol altogether in the first place.

5-HTP Supplement Capsules