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Lion's Mane Extract

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Proponents and nutritionists who swear by Lion's Mane Extract claim that this supplement, which is a derivative of a shaggy-looking mushroom native to the Far East, is one of the most advisable things you can buy for your immune system. The parent mushroom, from which the lion’s mane supplement is sourced from, has been proven to pack a host of bioactive ingredients that have a number of benefits to the gut, heart and brain.


Call it yamabushitake, Hericium erinaceus, Houtou, hedgehog mushroom, super food or whatever you fancy - depending on where you are at the moment - but there is no denying that lion's mane mushroom supplements have taken the world by storm over the past decade or so. Based on a number of in-depth studies, this humble-looking shroom and its extracts like Wellabs, has proven to contain a number of interesting immuno-stimulant, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are worth more than the price tag on it.


It’s no news that brain function naturally deteriorates over time. We tend to be more forgetful, seem to lose our keys a little more often, stumble over things and always seem to want to watch more TV and solve less crossword puzzles, etc.

Scientists believe that it's the shrinking neurons and damaged nerve/brain cells that are the genesis behind these symptoms that we associate with advanced age. Fortunately for us, extensive studies have demonstrated the interesting ability of lion’s mane mushroom to support and boost one's brain health. It does this by stimulating the production of two crucial compounds - BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) and NGF (nerve growth factor).

Now, BDNF and NGF are two very important proteins that are instrumental in the creation of new neurons and strengthening those that already exist. In simpler language, it helps your memory cells stay resilient enough to resist the proverbial ravages of the passage of time or chronic stress.

What this means is that the supplement is actually a proven shield against the premature loss of cognitive functions as you approach your sunset years. This is what you really need to improve your chances of being as sharp as a tack all the way to the golden 90s.


It is estimated at least one in three people today suffer from mild depression and other symptoms of anxiety. While a little stress every now and then could be beneficial for you, chronic depression can have devastating and life-threatening effects on your general well-being. Which is why it is important to take it easy with the aid of a 100% natural supplement that can improve your mood and focus, even on days when getting out of bed seems like a big ask.

Lion's mane tackles depression by reducing cell inflammation, which in turn helps in lessening the physiological impact of dreariness or sadness. Additionally, the supplement is believed to support brain cell regeneration and improves the working of the hippocampus - a region in the brain that is heavily involved in the processing of emotional responses and memory retrieval.

Lion's mane tackles depression by reducing cell inflammation, which in turn helps in lessening the physiological impact of dreariness or sadness. Additionally, the supplement is believed to support brain cell regeneration and improves the working of the hippocampus - a region in the brain that is heavily involved in the processing of emotional responses and memory retrieval.

Still on this, Lion's mane mushroom extract stimulates the flow of blood to the brain, whose end result is improved brain performance and growth of important new neurons. This could be the reason behind the better memory and cognitive focus that users of the supplement often enjoy.


Research shows that the supplement is capable of protecting against perennial stomach ulcers. These ulcers, which have actually become quite a commonality nowadays, can form anywhere on the digestive tract, including the small intestine, colon or stomach.

Physiologically speaking, the ulcers are the result of either; overgrowth of the H. Pylori bacteria or gradual damage of one's mucosal layer as a consequence of long-term use of prescri-ption non-steroidal drugs and NSAIDS. Lion’s mane herb extract could help you keep stomach ulcers at bay by staving off the unrestricted growth of the bacteria while at the same time, protecting the sensitive stomach mucosal lining from acid damage. In fact, it is just recently that scientists found out that Lion's mane extract is quite effective in protecting you from alcohol-induced ulcers than standard acid-lowering traditional reliefs. All of this without the risk of running into negative side effects.

That aside, the supplement's antioxidant properties could also lessen inflammation in other areas of the gut and, consequently, protect it from tissue damage. This is why it is recommended in the management of common inflammatory bowel ailments such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.


Now, studies show that this supplement is capable of lessening the probability of some of these risk factors developing in the first place, thus significantly reducing the chances of acquiring the disease. One of these is the ability of the mushroom extract to boost fat metabolism and lower a person's blood triglyceride levels. And since these two are among the major risk factors of heart disease, we can conclude that this is a positive addition to our heart health.

What’s more, the extract also aids in the prevention of oxidation of cholesterol found in the deep recesses of the bloodstream. Remember that oxidized cholesterol molecules often tend to attach to the arterial walls, hardening them and thereby increasing the risk of suffering from stroke and heart attack. Preventing oxidation is, therefore, key to boosting heart healthiness.

Moreover, an ingredient - hericenone B - found in these mushrooms has been observed to reduce the rate of the formation of blood clots there lowering the chances of one developing a heart attack or stroke.


Using this supplement is more than just staying healthy and mentally sharp all year round. It's about integrating the little-known numerous upsides of a major component of traditional oriental medicine into your lifestyle. It’s about promoting healthy aging, keeping lifestyle diseases at bay and making sure you are extracting 110% from your life on a daily basis. Add Wellabs to cart and bear testimony on the transformation!

Main ingredients:

  • Lion’s Mane Extract - 200 mg

Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor.


Take two droppers of Lion’s mane for adults daily for optimum results. The good thing is that it can be accompanied by a favorite beverage or soft drink of your choice so that you don't have to feel like it’s yet another arduous routine.

As much as this supplement packs a load of incredible health benefits, it is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, manage or eliminate any form of ailment or disease. Please consult your physician before starting use if you are already on another long-term medical prescription as it could interact with the inner workings of this extract.

Q: Does lion’s mane give you energy?

A: The supplement is incredibly rich in antioxidants that are thought to support optimum cellular health. The mushroom has been observed to improve the levels of tissue glycogen thus helping the body synthesize energy faster and quicker. That's the reason for the notable energy boost and heightened mental focus experienced after starting to integrate it into your daily regimen.

Q: Does lion's mane make you sleepy?

A: The supplement does not contain any depressants or sedative components or ingredients that are formulated to make you feel drowsy. Nonetheless, just like most mushroom extracts it has a significant level of natural adaptogenic properties. In some people, this has been observed to impart a restful and desirable feeling of relaxation that works to lessen anxiety and stress, which could be mistaken by others for drowsiness.

In short, the supplement is not meant to be used as a sedative, instead, its inner workings are believed to aid in the relaxation of the muscles and elimination of anxiety. It’s what more of what you would want to take just before bed to improve your chances of enjoying a restful slumber.

Q: Is lion's mane legal?

A: Indeed, the supplement is legal in almost countries and political jurisdictions.

Q: How many calories in lion's extract mane?

A: A serving of the supplement is estimated to contain approximately 20 Kcals of energy, 3mg of carbohydrates and 2mg of protein. In the grand scheme of your body's metabolic dispensation, this is almost next to zero calories.

Q: What does lion's mane extract taste like?

A: Most users describe the flavor as being more of 'seafood-like', mostly comparing it to lobster or crab meat.


Immune Support
Immune Support
Improves Memory & Focus
Improves Memory & Focus
Nerve Regeneration
Nerve Regeneration

Lion's Mane Extract