Zodiac Sign and Vitamins

Zodiac Sign and Vitamins

There is no denying that astrology has given us insight to many things - but few would also imagine that the upcoming culture of decoding vitamins by zodiac signs would one day dictate the superfood or supplement they are destined to take. However, if you have been an avid horoscope believer or reader, this shouldn't be much of a surprise to you considering that you are probably already aware that each single zodiac sign tends to have a corresponding 'problematic' organ or body part. Aries, for instance, are known to be more prone to migraines and headaches while geminis are often susceptible to common cold bouts and so on.

This, of course, implies that there is a need for you to be conversant with the right vitamin tailored for your horoscopic achilles heel, especially if longevity and excellent health is among your to-do list.


When it comes to zodiac or horoscope signs, it's safe to assume that they will align to a person's physical personality, spiritual footprint and overall astrological energy. It's how we interact with God's universe and co-exist harmoniously with nature. And if you aspire to optimize your nutritional intake, then being knowledgeable on the kind of remedies, supplements and vitamins that your zodiac sign dictates is not debatable. This is actually the essence of how vitamins are taken by the zodiac signs, particularly when it comes to special considerations such as astrology vitamin c or astrology vitamin b12.


If you have been lately feeling out of balance, despite having a clean bill of health and eating reasonably healthy, then it is possible that your body's internal energy system or also known as chi is out of sync. Here's how you can correct it by aligning your zodiac sign with the optimum corresponding supplement that is best attuned to take maximum advantage of your astrological footprint and destiny.

There’s a disclaimer though; whether you choose to adopt a purely astrological nutrition approach, adhere to your physician’s dietary instructions or even combine the two in some sort of hybrid system, the choice is entirely up to you. Ours is to help you plug in those little holes in your diet that you never knew existed in the first place.


Vitamins for aries

Aries are generally courageous, passionate, determined and quite high energy individuals. They are excellent defenders and have an inclination of fighting for what they believe in. They are also rather competitive and tend to push the limits of their potential. They are fervent problem solvers who are always looking for the truth and honesty behind both people and ideas alike. However, Aries tend to overthink when they are out sync when their internal energy system is out of sync. So, they can always benefit from a stress-busting additive/supplement such as Rhodiola or Ashwagandha. Some studies have suggested that capsuled or liquid L Theanine may help reduce stress by increasing alpha brain waves associated with a relaxed and alert state of mind. It may also improve attention and focus while reducing feelings of anxiety.

As far as vitamins go, the Vitamin B2 is an ideal choice for an Aries as they are inclined to nasty headaches.

Parting shot: It's also partly because you can be a bit intense. This is why taking vitamin B2 is highly recommended for you.


Vitamins or minerals for taurus

A Taurus is typically relaxed, deliberate and peaceful. They love to surround themselves with additives of pleasure and material comfort. They are generally loyal and grounded but also have an inclination of being rather sluggish or lacking a sense of urgency. However, should they decide to push themselves, they can easily become engorged and engrossed in their passion hence risking suffering from perpetual exhaustion and fatigue. And this is why adrenal tonics and adaptogens can come in handy for them.

As for nutrients, Vitamin C is the right choice for a peace-loving Taurus.

Parting shot: Remember that you have no problem speaking your mind and sticking to your ideas. Adding some extra vitamin C to your daily routine should be beneficial to you.


Best vitamins for gemini

A gemini is intuitive, creative and adapts relatively well to their environment. This unique adaptability is actually their biggest strength in the face of a fast-paced world that is always changing. Geminis can also accentuate another individual's gift but, in the process, become confused or thrown off balance by their karmic energy. Hence, the best remedies and supplements for a Gemini would be those rich in magnesium that could aid in bringing them back to balance and focus.

Broadly speaking though, Vitamin P is what you should always prioritise when it comes down to vitamins.

Parting shot: Your mind is your most prominent influence, Gemini. So, you should be taking vitamin P.


Vitamins for Cancer Zodiac

Cancers are generally giving people who are always looking to make life enthralling and fun. They are also good at analyzing and assessing difficulties just as gifted as they are as clinical problem solvers who tend to expend a ton of energy and concentration into other individuals. A fatigued or tired cancer can be rather testy or standoffish. They also struggle with low-esteem issues whenever they are out of sync.

For this reason, they can always benefit from uplifting and relaxing activities such as outdoor walks and calming supplements such as Reishi and Ashwagandha.

As far as vitamins go, Vitamin B12 seems like the obvious choice here.

Parting shot: You tend to hide your problems from the world. This tends to stress you out, causing you to experience acid reflux. This is why you should take vitamin B12.

LEO (JULY 23 - AUG. 22)

Vitamins for Leo

Leos are always proud of themselves, their abilities and tend to have an above average self-esteem in direct comparison to other zodiac signs. They are also loyal and quite driven on whatever they set their minds on. They are natural leaders and have a reputation of taking charge when things look like falling into disarray. On the downside, however, they tend to overproduce adrenaline which is responsible for keeping them energized and motivated throughout the day but also exposes them hormonal imbalance and fatigue over time. Knowing this, the best supplements suited for a Leo are those that are known to correct hormonal imbalance and boost energy levels such as licorice root.

For vitamins, Vitamin D should be at the top of a Leo's list.

Parting shot: You are a Leo and your sign is ruled by the heart, you'd profit the most from vitamin D. Among many other things, vitamin defends against cardiovascular illness.

VIRGO (AUG. 23 - SEPT. 22)

Vitamins for Virgo

Virgos are organized, super hard working and can be described as legendary disciplinarians. They naturally focus and see the small, seemingly unimportant things in life while still not losing focus of the bigger picture at the end of the day. Nonetheless, when a virgo is tired, exhausted or out of balance, they can easily get distracted and lose touch with the bigger agenda and tend to dwell on the insignificant things. There's a reason they are described as overbearing or obsessive.

Virgos at times deal with stomach upsets, indigestion and other digestive-related maladies when they are out of sync, so supplements such as asparagus root or licorice that can help boost stomach function are always a welcome addition.

For vitamins, Vitamin F is the closest match.

Parting shot: Oh, Virgo. You're quite a stress ball, aren't you? To maintain your cholesterol levels in control, you should add vitamin F to your diet.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23 - OCT. 22)

Vitamins for Libra

Libra are not only calm but also balance-seeking and giving. They like to focus on the bigger picture and always value a decent quality lifestyle. Libras are very good at seeing the good in others and live altruistically. Hence, this can explain why they are magnets for people looking for attention and love. Nonetheless, they can also become easily overwhelmed and drained from catering to the needs of others, which could lead to them losing their fine balance and sync. It's important for a libra to remain grounded as they have the tendency of over-giving without necessarily looking to replenish their soul. A libra would be best suited by a combination of anti-inflammatory supplements such as Helichrysum and Reishi.

Vitamin B6 is one of most adaptable nutrients for a libra.

Parting shot: Though you're known for being a balanced sign, your diet is a different game altogether. To keep your system as regulated as possible, we recommend taking vitamin B6.

SCORPIO (OCT. 23 - NOV. 21)

Vitamins for Scorpio

Scorpions are passionate, brave and quite loyal. They defend the disadvantaged and weak. And like Libras they tend to spend a ton of energy and time building up those that surround them, thereby predisposing themselves to overexhaustion and depletion. Though it may not be obvious at first glance, Libras tend to struggle with self worth and deep within them thoughts of self doubt can stir needlessly. For this reason, they can benefit from adaptogenic supplements such as panax ginseng.

Vitamin A is the best nutriment that a Libra can add to their daily supplementation program.

Parting shot: You're prone to bladder infection by adding vitamin A to your diet can help prevent from any bladder infection.


Vitamin for Saggittarius

They are fun-loving, outgoing and happy people who are seen as free-spirited and risk takers. They value a sense of belonging and community just as they cherish relationships and connections. They also love congregating people together but still value their privacy and space. Like all zodiac signs, they need to be at balance with their inner karmic energy or risk suffering from fatigue and exhaustion. For this reason, they need a calming portion best sourced from supplements such as chamomile and slippery elm.

Saggitarries need plenty of Vitamin C to build up their inner yin.

Parting shot: Weakened eyesight is a difficulty that tends to bother you, Sagittarius. Adding vitamin C could help fix those issues and help keep your eyesight at optimal performance levels.


Vitamin for Capricorn

Capricorns love to create and inspire. They are incredible visionaries who are blessed with an ingenious ability to bring ideas and concepts into fruition. They are also quite disciplined and independent. On the downside, however, capricorns tend to overwork themselves which could see them lose balance overtime and suffer from lengthy burnouts. Therefore, they would benefit more from nutrient dense foods and brain-boosting supplements such as Ashwagandha and Shilajit.

Vitamin D also proves to be helpful for restoring a capricorn's yin and steering them back to sync and balance.

Parting shot: You need calcium, and lots of it, Capricorn so get some vitamin D in your system stat.

AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 - FEB. 18)

Vitamins for Aquarius Zodiac

Known for their excellent peacemaking and listening skills, an aquarius tends to make people feel comfortable whenever they are around them as they don't usually pass unnecessary judgement. They are always looking to help others and can overextend themselves at the expense of their general wellbeing. Supplements that can boost their inner strength, such as Ashwagandha and Suma root, will therefore come in handy to an Aquarius.

Vitamin E looks like their best companion as it boosts endurance and supports healthy or optimum testosterone levels in both men and women.

Parting shot: You're inclined to overexertion and usually experience stiff tissues because of it. But by taking vitamin E, you'll increase blood circulation and get rid of the situation.


Vitamins for Pisces

Pisces are romantics and creatives. They are the artistic and imaginative types that love being different and cherish their individuality. But this often at the expense of isolating themselves as they seek to protect their uniqueness and individualism. For this reason, they can always benefit from supplements that build up circulation which could be a trigger for them to mingle with others or leave their comfort zones.

Most astrology experts believe that pisces can benefit more from a diet rich in Vitamin E.

Parting shot: You aspire to take on the world's obstacles because you're such a kind and nurturing sign which causes your immune system to weaken. Taking vitamin E can help to strengthen your immunity.


Minerals and vitamins are often considered essential nutrients, since as much as they may not be the main meal of the day, they still are still involved in hundreds of roles and processes in the body. They will, for instance, help heal wounds, shore up your bones and bolster the natural body defence system while acting in tandem with other dietary nutritional components. As if that is not enough, vitamins will also assist in the conversion of food taken into useful energy and be involved in the repair of cellular damage sustained from oxidative stress. There’s no reason you shouldn’t load up on vitamins.