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Staying Healthy While Working from Home Set

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Are you a freelancer or someone who works from home? Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve all been trying to learn how to stay healthy working from home.  The secret to staying healthy while working from home is simple, you have to replace what your body is missing because you’re not leaving the house as much. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to stay healthy while working from home during the pandemic, because we all need some help during these difficult times. 

Focus and Energy Pills

Unfortunately, our homes are rife with distractions and things that make it difficult to focus on work. Adorable pets who just need a couple more scratches, loving partners that just need a few more minutes of our attention, and snack foods that are constantly calling for us from the kitchen. All of these and more can affect productivity greatly, but Wellabs has a solution that can help you improve your energy and focus. 

Korean Panax Ginseng gives you a focus energy boost by giving your body a tune-up inefficiency and motivation. It improves energy and focus and makes sure you’re able to give 110% to your work, even with all the distractions that are around you. If you’re looking for a supplement for focus and attention, you can’t go wrong with Wellabs Korean Panax Ginseng

Eye Drops for Strained Eyes

Another huge issue that comes as a result of working from home is eye strain. Long hours staring at the computer screen can be incredibly difficult on the eyes, causing discomfort and even vision problems. Some people resort to eye drops for computer strain, but there’s an even better method that works from the inside out to protect the quality of your eyes as well as your vision - Vitamin A. Wellabs Vitamin A Drops work from the inside out to protect and defend your eye health. The highly bioavailable formula absorbs quickly in the body, and gets where you need it fast! 

Sunlight & Vitamin D

Perhaps one of the biggest issues facing at-home workers is the limited time spent outside. Some people wonder if you can get vitamin d through windows, but that’s extremely unlikely. The truth is, you either need to be outside often, or you need to supplement. And when it comes to vitamin d supplements vs sunlight, supplements win every time. 

Supplements are easy to take, even with a busy schedule and the constraints of modern life. They also are designed to give you an adequate dose of vitamin D fast, while trying to get enough vitamin D from the sun takes days of being outside for at least 30 minutes. Wellabs Vitamin D3 Drops are a great choice for at-home workers who need a little dose of sunshine in a bottle!