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Well Sleep Kit

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Slumberland is important - more than you think. That's the reason the ability to fall asleep (and ensure that you stay that way for at least 8 hours every night) is rarely underestimated. Your mental health and overall cognitive performance, for example, teeters on the kind of sleep quality that you get nightly and so does your physical wellbeing as well. That's the reason a sleep kit comes in handy if you are looking to cut back on turning and tossing and fend off insomnia. And here's where Wellabs' well sleep kit comes in handy. We know that quality rest is essential to immunity, brain function, muscle repair and general metabolic health. Hence, it is not a surprise that we do not compromise on that.

A Sleep Pack That Makes Snoozefest Effortless

According to the CDC, close to a third of Americans tend to miss out on the proverbial 8-hours-a-night snoozefest. Reason being? Most of them have not heard about or even tried using a reliable sleeping kit to make it easier to get some worthwhile shuteye. Speaking of which, here's our holy grail of the most complete sleeping aids in the market today that make up our sleep kit.

  • 5-HTP: Our specially-formulated 5-HTP tablets are included here to fight off sleeplessness by raising your serotonin levels in a natural and positively-regulated manner. The idea here is to ensure that anxiety, depression, and other sleep disorders do not interfere with your body's ability to shut down for at least a third of your day every night. What's more, the serotonin that you extract from these pills can impart an array of other beneficial upsides to your life such as aided weight loss and reduced migraine frequency.
  • Melatonin: In case you are not aware, the vital melatonin hormone plays a critical role in regulating and balancing your body's natural sleep-wake cycle. Your natural peak of this sleep-requisite hormone peaks at night and falls progressively during the day. These drops are efficiently formulated to solve common sleeping disorders such as delayed sleep phase and jet lag for those who are always on the go.
  • L-theanine: These GMO-free and vegan-friendly drops employ the long-held principle that in order for one to fall asleep and stay asleep, they have to first-of-all enter a deep relaxation phase. This, in one way or another, triggers several changes in their brain that ultimately culminate in lowered levels of sleep-disrupting neuro-chemicals that could otherwise make it extremely difficult to catch 40-winks.

The Sleep Pack that Guarantees a Trip to Slumberland

This Wellabs' sleeping kit does not just help you sleep faster or easier. It is also well-rounded enough to improve brain function and boost your overall cognitive function in the long run as well. These are all high-absorption and meticulously assembled supplements that are designed to support a calm and relaxed state of mind.