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Vitamin B Complex

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If there was ever a vitamin with superhuman abilities, then it would be the b complex range of nutrients. A collection of at least six essential nutrients that the body cannot synthesize by its own, there's no refuting that this might be the best health investment you can make today. Some of these nutrients are so hard to get that there's a subset of the population who spend decades treating ailments associated with their deficiency without really getting to the bottom of it. In the case of Wellabs sublingual vitamin b complex, you can look forward to following hard-to-access essential nutrients.

  • Niacinamide (B-3)
  • Riboflavin (B-2)
  • Biotin (B-7)
  • Folic acid (B-9)
  • Pyridoxine(B-6)
  • Methylcobalamin (B-12)

As you can see, ours is one of the rare sublingual liquid b complex with b12 that you can get easily over-the-counter. Together, they represent the most crucial building blocks of a bulletproof immune system paired with a healthy body and active mind. Simply put, these are nutrients with a direct influence and impact on one's brain function, energy levels and overall cell metabolism.

Introducing the Little-Known Sublingual Liquid B Complex with B12 Benefits

Truth be told, there are numerous b complex liquid benefits that you can add to your wellness regimen with our delicious sublingual supplements. Most of these revolve around proper nerve function, excellent muscle tone, remarkable cardiovascular health and healthy energy levels. Here's a quick primer to some of the critical b complex with b12 sublingual liquid benefits that you can look forward to;

Turbo Boost Your Fitness Using Sublingual Liquid B Complex with B12 for Weight Loss

Getting in the best shape of your life is hard enough; doing so while still remaining healthy and without risking unnecessary side effects is even harder. Fortunately for you, you can kill two birds with a single stone by adding a sublingual liquid b vitamins with b12 for weight loss in your fitness regimen. Although it was primarily fashioned to solve nutritional deficiencies associated with this extremely hard-to-get nutriment, it should come as a pleasant surprise that our supplement can also double up as a natural energy boost. This is the stamina and endurance you need to oversee a grueling and arduous workout routine to smash those weight loss milestones and strength-training goals.

Apart from containing energizing ingredients that can fuel your energy demands starting from a cellular level, our supplement is also proven to be key in turbo-boosting one's rate of metabolism. A higher and quicker metabolism would, therefore, mean that you are burning more calories at rest, not just when you're pumping iron in the gym. Besides, by supporting the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, our supplement avails the much-needed vigor you need to see through a physically/mentally demanding day.

Keep Fatigue at Bay with our B Complex for Energy Formulation

Using premium and proven ingredients only, Wellabs have managed to craft the equivalent of a healthy stimulant and potent energy supplement rolled into one to keep you at the peak of your game. We understand that the rigors of a fast-paced modern life can leave you feeling exasperated, drained and enervated. That's the reason we have endeavored and aspired to come up with a formidable vitamin b complex for energy formulation that you can rely on whenever the going gets tough. And this is particularly true for vegetarians who have a tough time accessing some of the key elements in the B vitamins range of nutrients such as niacinamide and folic acid.

How does Vitamin B Complex Liquid Help Your Skin? Discover a Unique Way to Look Flawless Today

You must be wondering, 'How does vitamin b complex liquid help your skin?" Well, here is the deal. One of the constituents of the b minerals agglomeration in our formulation is incredibly efficient biotin and folate combination. These two are well-known for their ability to nourish, protect and improve the state of one's skin, hair, and nails from the inside out. Besides, biotin aids in keeping the mucous membrane of the skin in excellent shape. If not for anything else, this keeps scaly, ashy and rashy skin at bay. We cannot also leave out the fact that biotin is involved in the process of metabolizing and processing fat, which is quite critical in sporting flawless skin and a glowing complexion.

Moreover, if you have been struggling with brittle nails and hair loss, a bottle of our b vitamins liquid can really come in handy. You see, the collection of vitamins here (starting with biotin) have been shown to boost nail health and strength that can offset such problems within no time.

Formulated, made and packaged exclusively in the USA, the b complex ingredients used to fashion these drops have to pass rigorous quality and safety checks in compliance with stringent international standards before finding their way into your favorite supplement. There's absolutely no GMO, animal products, fragrances, artificial flavors, corn syrup or harmful fillers in our vegan-friendly drops.

These absorbable and highly bioavailable b product drops from Wellabs are optimized to be extremely easy to take, complete with the ideal vitamin B complex dosage which is pegged at 2 droppers a day. Being a sublingual supplement, you'd be best served if you held the two drops under your tongue until they are absorbed via the lining of the mouth instead of swallowing them directly. Otherwise, this standard vitamin b complex dosage gives you as much nutrition as you need in a day without going overboard or undersupplying your bodily demands to sustain a healthy framework.

Speaking of which, the best time to take vitamin b complex is in the morning right before breakfast on an empty stomach. This ought to give you the best head start by fueling your internal energy production process which is needed if you are to operate at a high level throughout the day in all spheres of your life.

These sublingual b vitamins drops are tailored to be a complementary addition to an already wholesome dietary arrangement. As such, they are not intended in any form or way to diagnose, treat, cure or fight any specific ailment or medical condition. Please check with your healthcare giver about the safety of taking this supplement (or any other in particular) when you are already on another long-term prescri-ption. That aside, store the vitamins in a cool, dry and dark place away from the easy reach of pets and young children.

Q: Which is better: b12 or b minerals? Should I take b12 or b product only?

A: Generally speaking, both are equally important in their own right plus bear in mind that a B vitamins arrangement already contains B12 in its formulation. Overall, these are all highly essential vitamins and without them, you could be susceptible to a slew of brain, nervous and cardiovascular problems. Anemia too is not a stretch.

Q: What are vitamin b minerals used for?

A: The B family of vitamins plays a crucial role in the maintenance of excellent well-being and proper health of major life-supporting faculties. Being the building blocks of a well-oiled system, they have a direct bearing on your brain function, cellular metabolism and energy levels. Overall, they assist in staving off common infections while supporting/promoting a robust immune system.

Q: What are sublingual liquid b vitamins with b12?

A: Although so far no interactions have been recorded between vitamin B12 and super B vitamins drops, we wouldn't recommend it since it's counterproductive and unnecessary. Quality B minerals drops already contain the nutriment B12 in their formulation which cancels the need to take an additional dosage of a separate b12 supplement unless advised specifically by a qualified health provider.

Q: Can you put liquid biotin in water?

A: It's a B vitamin family supplement that is supposed to be taken by placing the drops under the tongue rather than swallowing them directly to ensure absorbability and, ultimately, assimilation. Apparently, the methylcobalamin (b-12)in such a supplement can easily be denatured by the harsh contents of the stomach which would render that segment of the supplement useless.

Vitamin B Complex