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Vegan Liquid Iodine Drops

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A well-formulated iodine supplement represents the nexus between proper nutrition and a healthful vegetarian and sustainable diet. It is, after all, one of those few elements that the body usually needs but cannot synthesize without external aid. Most people don't know this, but there's usually very little (if any) of it in a American standard diet. And considering that most of us rarely use iodized salt in cooking (thanks to our soft spot for Himalayan salt and other exotic cooking additives), it is easy to see why we are at risk of suffering this mineral’s deficiency unless we adopt a proper liquid iodine supplement.

Explore the Little-known Benefits of Liquid Iodine Drops

The dire consequences of this nutrient’s deficiency are rarely discussed or given the attention that they deserve in the media. You see, your thyroid needs enough of it to manufacture an array of important hormones needed to oversee a couple of life-supporting physiological reactions. Failure to this, it is forced to over-exert itself which predisposes you to a number of debilitating illnesses including goiter. One of the benefits of iodine supplements is, of course, helping you keep these problems at bay.

Discover the Relationship Between Iodine and Thyroid Function

Iodine and thyroid function are intertwined and go hand-in-hand seeing that the former is required for the production of thyroxine hormones. The importance of appropriate intake of iodide-containing products cannot be overstated, really. When you consume this mineral, either from dietary sources through our iodine drops, the micronutrient is absorbed and subsequently oxidized by the thyroid gland and converted into thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) hormones. These hormones or chemical signals are circulated throughout the body and are employed in ensuring the proper functioning of the brain, heart, and other major life-sustaining organs.

What's more, these hormones are also deeply involved in the regulation of metabolism, which explains why an under/overactive thyroid gland is often manifested by unexplained weight gain or loss. Besides, as much as the main component of the mineral is typically found in the thyroid, there are traces of non hormonal iodides tucked away in a number of body tissues including the eyes, mammary glands, cervix, gastric mucosa and also the salivary glands.

As such, insufficient levels predisposes you to a number of debilitating and serious medical conditions the likes of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism, in particular, can trigger the following if not treated or controlled in good time.

  • Goiter: Mostly characterised by an unexplained enlargement of the frontal neck region.
  • Peripheral Neuropathy: Characterised by localised and abnormal sensations such as burning, tingling, numbness, hypersensitivity and muscle weakness.
  • Anaemia: A deficiency of this nutrient, and ultimately thyroid hormone, inhibits the normal production of red blood cells in one's bone marrow. It is also accompanied by unexplained fatigue and low energy levels.
  • High cholesterol: Too little production of the thyroid hormone due to insufficient levels of the mineral affects the body's ability to process cholesterol properly.

Fortunately, you can now count on the relentless thyroid support with iodine through our vegan friendly liquid supplement and shut the door on some of these illnesses.

Stay at the Top of your Game by Strengthening your Iodine and Energy Balance

One of the common signs of this mineral’s deficiency is muscle weakness and fatigue. In fact, this is something that millions of people are unknowingly suffering for years without getting a proper solution for it. Research shows that over 80% of people who are suffering from its deficiency tend to feel sluggish, tired and weak. The nexus between iodine and energy is further intensified when you put into consideration that the thyroid hormone is heavily involved in metabolism, which then provides the baseline for energy production. A lower rate of metabolism also means that you'll find it hard to sustain elevated energy levels for a considerable amount of time.

So, are you looking to re-ignite and recharge your mental or physical reserves? One of the places you can start is by integrating this specially prepared natural iodine supplement into your wellness regimen. Boost your energy deployment rate, whether at the gym, work or playing sports.

Main Ingredients:

  • Iodine (as Potassium Iodide) - 1000 mcg
  • Cranberry (Vaccinium subg. Oxycoccus) (Fruit) - 5 mg

Other Ingredients: Purified water, vegetable glycerin, citric acid USP, potassium sorbate, stevia, raspberry natural flavor.

Our uniquely-formulated organic iodine supplement is optimized for fast-absorption and assimilation. Unlike standard capsules or tablets, these delicious drops of supplemental mineral goodness will not leave behind a nasty aftertaste nor take hours to be broken down in the gut. We have pulled all stops to ensure that your body can extract every bit of iodide juice from this vegan-friendly formula with the least amount of effort. For this reason, you only need to take two drops a day of this liquid supplement and you're good to go. The best time to take iodine supplements is in the morning just before starting your day for you to take maximum advantage of the elevated levels of energy fueled by the newly-synthesized thyroid hormone.

As much as the product preparation heralded by Wellabs is recognized for its matchless ability to boost one's iodide levels in the body, it is important to take into consideration that these drops are not intended to treat, manage, cure or deal with any specific health condition. Besides, it is advisable to consult your primary health care provider before adopting this supplement if you are pregnant, have an underlying ailment or already on another long-term thyroid prescription. Always remember to keep medicine away from the reach of small children. Store your supplements in a cool, dark and dry place for the best shelf life

Q: What does iodine do for the body?

A: Iodine is the main micronutrient that the body utilizes to synthesize the full range of thyroid hormones. These hormones are, in turn, employed in supporting a healthy metabolism, sustaining energy levels, repairing damaged body cells and regulating cell growth. People who adhere strictly to a vegan or vegetarian diet are at a higher-than-normal risk of suffering a deficiency since the mineral is not found in plant sources. For this reason, they are encouraged to pursue external supplementation to bridge this gap in their dietary regimen.

Q: What color is iodine?

A: A solution of hydroxy iodide or potassium iodide in water (two or the most common states of the mineral) is light orange-brown in color. Having said that, trace amounts of the element (as it is deployed in supplements and food additives) are colorless.

Q: Why do we need iodine supplement?

A: Your body requires sufficient levels of this mineral to synthesise thyroid hormones. These hormones regulate a number of important functions such as metabolism, sustenance of energy levels and proper cell growth. The body also needs these hormones for correct brain and bone development before the baby is born and afterward for the first few months of their life.

Q: How to eat more iodine?

A: There are several ways you can boost your levels of this micronutrient naturally. One, you can add a number of foods that are considered to be rich in minerals such as fish, seaweed, shrimp and eggs. Secondly, you can incorporate a liquid supplement of the same in your diet if you cannot (for any reason) access seafood. Lastly, using iodized salt to season your food is a good way of making sure that you are getting the required levels of the nutriment.

Q: How to get iodine in a diet?

A: Through foods that are rich in the mineral, this includes the likes of shrimp, seaweed, cod and tuna. Dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and milk are also considered to be decent sources too.

Q: Should I take an iodine supplement?

A: You should definitely take an iodine supplement if you don't have iodized salt, a vegetarian, if you eat foods that have goitrogens or live in an area that is considered to have iodide deficient soils.


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Energy Increase
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Thyroid Support
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Focus & Clarity

Vegan Liquid Iodine