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Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract - Buy 3 Get 1 Free

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Adding turkey tail mushrooms to your wellness granary is what any forward-thinking doctor would advise you to do, especially if you run a strenuous and demanding schedule. It's a sure-fire way of bolstering your body's disease-fighting capabilities, particularly when your lifestyle already predisposes you to a number of illnesses. And this is something that can be said of almost everyone nowadays. Our specially-formulated mushroom supplements pack an impressive array of antioxidants and an abundance of medicinal properties that pay homage to this peculiar-looking fungi's ability to treat, prevent or manage a broad range of health conditions.


There's a reason turkey tail mushroom supplements have garnered unprecedented popularity around the world in the past couple of years. A lot of this has to do with the mushrooms' potent and numerous health benefits. But first, what is turkey tail?

The term 'turkey mushrooms' was coined from its uncanny resemblance to a turkey's feathered tail. It's very easy to mistake it for a turkey feather due to its striking color patterns, more so when it grows in the wild. The Japanese like to refer to it as the kawaratake while the Chinese have christened it as the famous yun zhi in acknowledgment of its larger-than-life medicinal properties. Either way, it is the fungus propensity to aid the human body in combating a broad range of illnesses that Wellab's extract employs.


It's not a secret that the list of turkey tail mushrooms’ benefits is long and quite encouraging from a healthiness perspective. Finally, there's a natural and chemical-free way to get an upper hand on some of the most troublesome and expensive-to-treat conditions known to man. As a trademark of Wellab's unmatched product development, our product is expertly formulated to deliver these incredible perks with as little side effects or drug interaction as possible.

Speaking of which, a good chunk of these health benefits can be traced back to the PSP (polysaccharopeptide) and PSK (polysaccharide-K) active compounds that are found nestled in our mushroom liquid supplement. Actually, this is the reason you shouldn't attempt to source the mushrooms yourself in the wild as these potent ingredients need to be administered in a safe and controlled manner, something which we excel at. Our track record in delivering a broad supplement product lineup speaks for itself.

That said, here is a collection of our product’s medicinal uses that you can look forward to when you integrate our product into your wellness plan.


Even before delving further, let's take a minute to iron out the highly misconstrued turkey tail mushroom cancer myth. There are several reports and plenty of unverified anecdotal evidence that seems to suggest that these mushrooms' health benefits extend to the treatment and management of various types of cancers. It is not surprising, for instance, to stumble upon turkey mushroom prostate cancer or mushroom lung cancer capsules being sold on the internet without a prescription.

Cancer is, nonetheless, a serious and chronic life-threatening condition that ought to be accorded the right level of medical attentiveness to improve your chances of recovery. So if you have cancer or suspect to be ailing from a cancerous tumor, it's highly advisable to consult a physician for a conclusive diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan.


All of us can do with an extra boost of immunity against disease-causing pathogens, especially now in the era of global pandemics. Adding our turkey tail mushrooms extract for the immune system to your self-care cabinet is a recommended way of infusing a rich array of antioxidants into your system. Not only are these antioxidants necessary for immune support but they also upgrade your body's ability to resist oxidative damage from free radicals, which are virtually everywhere today. Bear in mind that this kind of oxidative stress from free radicals has been linked to a number of chronic inflammation disorders and it's the reason taking our mushrooms for immune support is a proactive way of staying healthy all year round.

Besides this, our source naturals mushrooms’ immune defense can be attributed to the protein-bound polysaccharides (PSK) found in the fungus. In short, these compounds are believed to promote one's immune response by inhibiting and activating certain types of cells while concurrently suppressing inflammation. This has a net effect of increasing the overall preparedness of your infection-fighting mechanisms against bacteria and viruses. It's a unique type of immune-enhancing modulation that frail people with underlying conditions could really use to stay in tip-top shape.

Talking about immunity, the nexus between turkey tail trametes versicolor's immune-boosting properties and its practicality in preventing the onset of most diseases is the fact that it is a high-strength antioxidant. If anything, it packs a formidable array of more than 35 different phenolic antioxidants including the legendary flavonoids baicalein and quercetin. In layman terms, this means that this medicinal mushroom immune supplement corrects the imbalance that is caused by the damaging effects of free radicals in the body. Bear in mind that this is the same imbalance that is typically associated with the outset of complicated and life-threatening conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Besides, the reduced cellular inflammation that you gain when you integrate this mushroom product into your fitness and wellness routine is thought to trigger the release of critical protective compounds. Some of these compounds such as the likes of interferon-y will then go ahead and inhibit the release of damaging pro-inflammatory enzymes such as LOX (lipoxygenase) and COX (cyclooxygenase). All these are the markers of being in excellent shape and this is something that you should aim to add to your healthiness to-do list.