"Stone Breaker" Chanca Piedra

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Flush Out Toxins With Our Plant-powered 100% Natural Supplement

  • Urinary system and gallbladder support
  • Positive effect on cholesterol
  • Cleanse & detox
  • Blood sugar management

Who Needs Stone Breaker Pills?

Chance piedra, or Phyllanthus niruri, is a herb referred to as stone breaker. It contains triterpenes that slow down the excretion of calcium and oxalate to prevent the formation of kidney stones. They interfere with GAGs (glycosaminoglycans), making crystals more fragile and breakable. Additionally, chanca piedra disperses calcium and oxalate crystals to prevent kidney stone formation.[1] If you or your loved ones are looking for a kidney and bladder support supplement, Wellabs Stone Breaker Pills may help you!

Apple cider vinegar has an alkalizing effect that prevents calcium, oxalate, urate, and cystine stone formation. When combined with pomegranate and fruit powders, apple cider vinegar acts as an antioxidant and prevents inflammation.[2]

Wellabs Stone Breaker Pills are 100% plant-powered kidney and bladder support supplements, meticulously crafted for 18+ adults with bladder and kidney stones. These are third-party tested stone breaker chanca piedra pills. A single serving of 2 capsules provides a proprietary blend (1200mcg) of Chanca Piedra, apple cider vinegar, celery root powder, pomegranate, Bioperine black pepper, and boron as glycinate.

Wellabs Kidney Stone Breaker Pills are 100% vegan-friendly urinary tract support supplements with a neutral taste. These pills are free of soy, gluten, dairy products, and sugars. These odorless and flavorless pills are easily digestible with faster absorption, convenient, and shelf stable.

Pregnant women, children, people with kidney or liver problems, and existing comorbidities should consult healthcare practitioners before taking kidney and liver support supplements to avoid adverse effects.

Price per day serving

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Serving per container

Servings Per Container: 30

Why Does Stone Breaker Pills Work?

Kidney Stone Breaker pills contain chanca piedra, apple cider vinegar, fruit powders, celery root powder, and pomegranate powder that may help clear toxins from the body.

Chanca Piedra:

Chanca Piedra or Phyllanthus niruri has an alkalizing effect and contains triterpenes that lower the formation of calcium and oxalate crystals in the kidneys by reducing the excretion of calcium and oxalate. According to research studies, the administration of chanca piedra disperses calcium oxalate crystals and prevents the formation of hard and stony crystals. It alters the structure of glycosaminoglycans to make kidney stones fragile and soft, which is excreted easily through the kidneys. [3]

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar contains ferulic acid, gallic acid, and catechins. It possesses antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It lowers LDL and triglyceride levels in the body. Apple cider vinegar improves cardiovascular health and regulates blood sugar levels. Additionally, the alkalizing effect of apple cider vinegar prevents kidney and bladder stone formation. Although apple cider vinegar has been studied for potential health benefits, there is limited scientific evidence especially linking it to kidney stone prevention. More research is needed to establish its efficacy in prevention of kidney stones.[4]

Pomegranate Powder:

Pomegranate powder, also called pharmacy unto itself, is rich in polyphenols, flavonoids, and alkaloids. It decreases serum paraoxonase arylesterase activity and suppresses the supersaturation of calcium oxalate to prevent kidney stone formation. It reduces the burning sensation during urination and the construction of renal calculi. Moreover, some studies has explored that pomegranate scavenges free radicals and prevents lipid peroxidation. It has potential benefits for kidney health, but more research is needed to establish its efficacy in preventing kidney stones.[5]

Celery Root Powder:

Celery root extract decreases calcium levels in the kidneys and prevents mineral buildup from exerting the anti-calculi effect. It is used in kidney stone breaker pills to alleviate the risk of kidney and bladder stones. [6]

Bioperine Black Pepper:

Black pepper's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties prevent inflammation and oxidative stress in the body. It reduces the risk of vascular endothelial and tubular injuries in the kidneys. [7]

Wellabs Kidney and Bladder Stone Breaker Pills are a unique amalgam of the abovementioned components. These urinary tract support supplements may help remove toxins from the body, break kidney and bladder stones, and improve cardiovascular, liver, and kidney health.

Supplement Facts
Active Ingredient Proprietary herbal blend - 1600 mg, Chanka Piedra (Phyllantus niruli)(Herb) Extract, Apple Cider Vinegar (Malus Pumila)(fruit) Powder, Hydrangea (Hydrangea maciophylla)(root) Extract, Celery (Apium graveolens L.)(root) Powder, Pomegranate (Punica Granatum)(fruit) Powder, Boron (as Glycinate), Bioperine Black Pepper (Pipper nigrum)(fruit)Extract
Type Supplements
Form Capsule
Flavor Unflavored
Color Neutral
Size 60 count
Lifestyle Vegan
Special Diet Gluten free, Soy-free, Wheat-free, Egg-free, Fish-free, Shellfish-free
Sodium Content Sodium-free



Chanca Piedra

Chanca Piedra

Thanks to its unique alkalizing properties, the presence of Chanca Piedra here can really go a long way in keeping calcium oxalate stones in your kidneys at bay. Did you know that it also contains phytochemicals that are crucial in increasing the flow of urine[2] that later translates to fewer harmful viruses and bacteria in your urinary system?

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV, as it is commonly known, has a crucial protective effect against progressive kidney oxidative[3] damage by supporting the release of antioxidant enzymes. What's more, scientists also believe that it is capable of lowering cholesterol levels[4], something which could be a factor in the prevention of the formation of kidney stones.

Hydrangea Extract

Hydrangea Extract

Did you know that hydrangea root has been used for centuries in correcting chronic urinary conditions such as bladder and prostate infections[5] while slowing down the development of bladder stones? That's right, and its inclusion in the plant-powered blend is not by accident.



There are numerous studies[6] that have illustrated how regular consumption of celery can aid in the protection of your kidneys against kidney diseases, including boosting the overall health of your urinary system organs. You see, celery is extremely rich in vitamins A, B, C, and iron. It is capable of combating bacterial infections, improving the overall potency of your immune system, and stopping bacterial growth.



Courtesy of its extremely high levels of antioxidants, consumption of pomegranate juice or a pomegranate extract (like is the case here) can decrease the risk of chronic kidney disease patients developing cardiovascular disorders[7].

Boron (as Glycinate)

Boron (as Glycinate)

There is no shortage of studies[8] that show how the consumption of low doses of boron can really go a long way in preventing the formation of kidney stones. That's the exact strategy employed here by the inclusion of this ultra-trace element to bolster the blend's overall antioxidant properties.

Bioperine<sup>®</sup> Black Pepper

Bioperine® Black Pepper

Its revered anti-inflammatory properties bolstered by its world-renowned antioxidant ability can shield your renal tissue from damage by free radicals and oxidative stress[9] accrued from the numerous pollutants found in the food, drinks, and air that we breathe every day.

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