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Organic Support Kit

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Organic vitamins are the secret to leading a healthy life and spending less time in hospitals. If anything, almost all top ten most-expensive-to-treat diseases can be prevented by simply paying attention to your intake of organic vitamins and minerals. By combining the immune-boosting properties of Wellabs Chlorophyll Liquid Drops and the amazing antioxidant properties nestled by our Selenium Supplements, you will have already secured the first two fronts of keeping disease at bay. Add to that a well-formulated Turkey Tail Mushroom extract and the importance of natural organic supplements start to come to fruition. This is then underlined by the fact that the organic vitamins and minerals supplements that you can get from this ensuresĀ  that your immune system is in excellent condition. And a properly-functioning and robust immune system is necessary for the following;

  • Keeping infectious diseases at bay, which is very crucial especially in this era of global pandemics, epidemics and scouges
  • Lowering the chances of developing auto-immune disorders
  • Reducing the probability of cancerous tumors taking root or spreading in your body
  • Allowing you the chance to live your life to the maximum unabated by poor health or recurrent infections

Apart from making the necessary lifestyle changes to ensure that your immune system is in perfect working, upping your intake of relevant organic mineral supplements is the next best way of making sure your diet is not standing between you and a disease-free life. Infact, the immune-boosting benefits that you can get from this combination of natural organic supplements takes off the pressure from having a diet that captures all food groups at once.

What do you get from this organic vitamins and minerals supplements bundle?

For starters, the liquid chlorophyll drops are a delicious addition to your immune system boosting efforts.Ā  The presence of chlorophyllin alongside other organic natural vitamins is key to suppressing the virulence of disease-causing pathogens in the rare chance that they get past your body's various defences and barriers. Secondly, upping your disease-fighting capabilities through our Turkey Tail Mushroom Extracts shuts the door completely of any odds of infection taking root and proliferating in your body. Your resilience against infection-causing organisms is then guaranteed by our specially formulated Selenium Supplements. All in all, this trio of organic vitamins and minerals supplements gives you that elusive headstart in health that comes with zero liabilities.

Some of the key features of this organic mineral supplements bundle are:Ā 

  • Improved immunity and lessened risk of falling prey to chronic diseases
  • Lower cholesterol levels and better control of blood sugar levelsĀ 
  • Heightened energy levels and better concentration at mentally-demanding tasksĀ 
  • Overall well-beingĀ 
  • Better recovery from illness and injury.