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Liquid Probiotics With Prebiotic

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A well-formulated liquid probiotic supplement such as ours is optimized to deliver bacteria of a similar spectrum that is responsible for your gut health and breaking down food efficiently. In other words, by incorporating this probiotic liquid into your wellness regimen, you are lending a crucial helping hand to your body's efforts to support and oversee a healthy digestion process. In any case, the idea of taking probiotics liquid form is centered on the creation of microbiome therapy to promote a healthy balance of the bacteria in your gut as a backdrop of a broad array of beneficial health properties.

Exploring the Benefits of Liquid Probiotics Supplementation

The health benefit of liquid probiotics revolve around the improvement of one's gut health, especially when you put into consideration that a healthy balance of gut bacteria is linked to numerous fitness upsides. And this includes but is not limited to digestive health, immune function, weight loss and many more. Overall speaking, here's a quick primer to some of the advantages of having a quality probiotic supplements liquid in your wellness turf.

Become Flawless with Liquid Probiotics for Psoriasis

Truth be told, millions of people around the globe are healing from rosacea, eczema, acne and a wide range of other chronic conditions that could benefit from the input of liquid probiotics for psoriasis. Fortunately, with the aid of our organically-formulated supplement that is fashioned with 100% natural ingredients, it is possible to restore the much-needed bacterial balance and gain relief from psoriasis and related symptoms.

Unlike what happens with other manufacturers, our unique living probiotics are collected/raised in their natural habitats. The bacteria behind this genius of mother nature secrete metabolic enzymes that are then involved in the removal of potentially harmful cells, oversee the production of energy and strongly influence the setting up of a balanced immune system operation. What's more, they are also known to produce short-chain fatty acids that will then go on to influence the semantics of the regulatory cells of one's immune system. These resultant T-reg immune cells will positively impact the response, aka inflammation, drastically lowering it and thereby bringing the symptoms on your skin under control.

Speaking of which, this is exactly what sets apart Wellabs' probiotic liquid form from its closest competitors. These soil and plant-based organisms are resilient and strong, surviving the harshness of the stomach acid while being persistent enough to reach the ileum. Here, they will influence the activity of the resident gut bacteria and oversee the repair of LGS (leaky gut syndrome) while eliminating pathogens that can cause chronic inflammation.

Balance the Friendly and Useful Bacteria in Your Food Breakdown System

Our probiotics in liquid form are mostly made up of 'beneficial' bacteria. These are alive and specially developed microorganisms that are capable of providing crucial health benefits to your gut health if consumed regularly and consistently. The upsides are believed to stem from the ability of this strain of bacteria to influence the restoration of the natural balance of one's gut bacteria. As you may already know, an imbalance often implies that there is an overpopulation of bad bacteria while superimposed with not enough good bacteria. This may be due to intake of medication such as notable antibiotics, illness, poor diet or a number of other miscellaneous factors.

Either way, the consequences for this can include allergies, digestive issues, obesity, mental health problems and much more problems.

Liquid Prebiotics for the Prevention and Treatment of Diarrhea

There's no denying that probiotics are widely-recognized for their ability to reduce the severity of loose stool or even prevent it altogether. And considering that diarrhea is a common side effect of taking extra-strength antibiotics, you can begin to understand the significance of our probiotics in liquid form in supporting your overall gut health.

What's even better, these beneficial bacteria can also aid in the lessening of the severity of other diarrhoea forms that are not related to the intake of antibiotics. A good example of this was illustrated with the study that proved how supplementation with liquid probiotics reduces one's risk of developing traveler's diarrhea by over 8% The study above also revealed how the risk of contracting severe infectious diarrhea in children decreased by as much as 57% in young children while it went down by 26% in fully-grown adults.

Mood Improvement Through Liquid Probiotics for Adults Supplementation

Of late, gut health has increasingly been linked with mental and mood health through a number of comprehensive studies and research fact-finding missions. In most of the above-mentioned studies, scientists found out how the intake of liquid probiotics for adults contributed to the improvement of select mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and periodic memory loss.

Shed Stubborn Belly Fat with Liquid Probiotic for Women

Studies have continually shown how supplementation with liquid probiotic for women can assist them in shedding excess pounds, especially post-pregnancy and child-birth. And this happens in various ways: For starters, intake of organic liquid probiotics has always been known to aid in the prevention of absorption of a number of dietary fats in the small intestines. This fat is then excreted safely later on rather than pilling up in your body. Besides, anyone who has ever supplemented this group of beneficial bacteria knows how they can help you feel fuller than normal for longer thereby aiding in the burning of more calories while assisting in the storage of less fat in the long run. Partly, scientists attribute this to the increase in the levels of some hormones, such as GLP-1.

Intake of Friendly Bacteria Probiotic Liquid Has Been Linked to Improved Potency of the Immune System

Adding the intake of friendly bacteria to your wellness regimen has been associated severally with the increased potency of one's immune system. Also, experts believe that this also contributes to the inhibition of the growth of harmful gut bacteria, which overall translates to a notable improvement in gut health. Into the bargain, this unique form of supplementation has been proven to aid in the production of natural antibodies and the proliferation of immune-boosting cells such as T lymphocytes, IgA-producing cells, and natural killer cells. There's also a large review that unearthed how supplementation with liquid prebiotics can lessen the likelihood, severity and duration of a number of respiratory infections.

Get Liquid Probiotic Optimized for the Whole Family

Our USA-manufactured prebiotics are plant-based, raw and employ highly potent strains of beneficial bacteria sourced directly from the goodness of Mother Nature. This implies that they are sugar-free, keto-friendly and paleo-friendly and the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their gut health within a reasonable timeframe. The best part is that we have greatly streamlined the overall process of obtaining these specially-formulated supplements. All you have to do is add our quality prebiotics to the cart and let us handle the rest from there.

Main Ingredients:

  • Probiotic Blend - 5 Billion CFU
  • FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) - 25 mg
  • Enzyme Blend - 10 mg

Other Ingredients: Purified Water, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate.

To improve your digestive health, boost your gut health's microflora balance and ensure proper immune function, all you have to do is take two droppers of these deliciously-formulated drops per day. This puts you right on the course of enjoying the benefits of having more than 20 probiotic strains working single-handedly in promoting your overall physical, psychological and immune health.

Store these liquid probiotic supplements away from the easy reach of pets and small children. What's more, our drops are intended for supplementation and wellness purposes only. Under no circumstances should they be used to manage, treat, solve or cure a specific ailment or health condition without the guidance of registered health professional. Also, it is advisable and strongly recommended to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider before adopting these drops for long-term use if you are already on another long-term prescri-ption.

Q: How do liquid probiotics affect vaginal yeast infection?

A: Experts believe that intake of such supplements can improve the symptoms of women suffering from bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections or at least lessen the severity of such ailments. They are also able to stave off the chances of potential infection considering that the bacteria are adapted to balancing the pH (alkalinity or acidity) of the vagina. Overall, this makes for a hospitable and healthy environment.

Q: How long does liquid probiotics last in the refrigerator?

A: The shelf life of prebiotics revolves around 1 to 2 years starting from the exact date of manufacture. Still, it is imperative to bear in mind that bacteria in the active substrate will lose approximately 10 to 15% of their potency for every month that they are stored. In other words, try to avoid leaving the supplements unused for long stretches of time.

Q: What are the signs you need probiotics?

A: There are several tell-tale signs and symptoms that you need these supplements for your gut health. This includes and is not limited to digestive irregularities, unexplained sugar cravings, low/slow metabolism leading to excessive weight gain, intake of antibiotics, skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema or itchy rashes.

Q: Do probiotics make you poop?

A: Indeed, these unique supplements can make you poop (or make it easier) especially if you are suffering from constipation as a result of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). It's vital, nonetheless, to bear in mind that prebiotics are not to be used as standard laxatives or instead of them as they are not specifically intended to stimulate your bowels.

Q: Do probiotics clean you out?

A: Studies show that taking these supplements can enhance an individual's health. Not only do they have an unparalleled ability to fight off a number of toxins that you are likely to come across on a regular basis but also they are a proven way of improving immune system health, nutrient absorption and helping with digestion.

Liquid Probiotics