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L-Theanine Liquid Drops - Buy 3 Get 1 Free

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Being alert, hyper-focused and aware but still calm and settled may sound like an oxymoron or impossible but not with Wellabs l theanine liquid drops. These drops, which are expertly formulated to deliver the potency of liquid l-theanine in sublingual format, are exactly what you need to keep stress at bay. Speaking of which, being a liquid-based version means that these anxiety-busters are void of fillers and other unnecessary ingredients that typically make up the exterior shell of standard capsules. In other words, what you put under your tongue is exactly what you get with our l theanine sublingual drops.

Unwrapping the Numerous L-theanine Benefits that You Can Expect to Extract from our Superior Drops

First off, it is imperative to recognize that liquid l-theanine has an organic chemical structure that is almost similar to glutamate - another naturally-produced amino acid that aids in the transmission of nerve impulses through the spine and in the brain. As such, most of Wellabs' l-theanine benefits seem to revolve around improving one's cognitive skills and combating nervousness or anxiety. Here's a quick but detailed primer to that.

The Nexus Between L-theanine and Sleep

Wellabs liquid drops take full advantage of the observation that this naturally occurring amino acid can help you fight insomnia by promoting relaxation and facilitating sleep. Apparently, it seems like it triggers a number of changes in one's brain that eventually culminates to in the improvement of the levels of Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) and lowered levels of excitatory neuro-chemicals that could be making it difficult for you to catch some quality sleep. Also, don't forget that these liquid drops have the capacity to enhance the famous alpha brain waves, which makes achieving consistent sleep patterns easier.

The relationship between l-theanine and sleep is further boosted by the observation that the amino acid eases anxiety and tones down mental tension by elevating the level of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These two are important neurotransmitters that work as mood stabilizers and emotional regulators that play a critical role in helping one get some shuteye.

Get Some Peace of Mind Using Wellabs L Theanine Supplement for Anxiety

Comprehensive research shows that taking L-theanine every day for at least four weeks continuously can help one deal with chronic emotional stress or anxiety. Here's the thing; we live in a world that is constantly piling up an insane amount of pressure on us. Whether it is socially or emotionally, there's no denying that there are plenty of things that get our hearts racing every now and then. Obviously, being constantly on your nerves is hardly great for your long-term health and here's where our liquid sublingual supplements really help.

You see, this special amino acid is widely regarded as a reliable anxiolytic. In other words, it stops the brain from overproducing neurotransmitters in response to anxiety-inducing or stressful events. Overall, this does not just calm your nerves, but it also gives you the temerity to carefully analyze your response to stressful situations rather than going overboard. Also, bear in mind that taking l theanine supplement for anxiety is akin to recreating the same Alpha brain waves that we enjoy during a deep, restful and serene slumber. It's similar to having a shortcut to meditation even in the midst of a high-pressure event.