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K2+D3 Drops - Buy 3 Get 1 Free

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Vitamin D3 and K2 - Finally, the Perfect Pair Exists

A growing body of research shows that over 50% of Americans are vitamin d3 & K2 deficient. This is not all; most of them are hardly aware of it. This can be quite appalling considering that vitamin D (also known as the sunshine nutriment) is quite crucial for the maintenance of optimal health, especially for an efficient cardiovascular and robust immune system alongside strong bones and teeth.

Supplementation is, therefore, not a question for a majority of us; particularly if you hardly find the time or opportunity to bask outdoors on a daily basis. Even so, at most latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere i.e. contiguous United States and majority of Asia, it can be very difficult to get enough vitamin D from the sun when you factor in the presence of UVB light and other factors such as environmental pollution.

However, it can be counterproductive and inefficient to take a vitamin D supplement without complementing it with K2. You see, vitamin d3 and K2 plus calcium all work together to ensure that your bones and the immune system remain in tip-top shape. So, an absence or deficiency of any of them implies that you will be unable to absorb and utilize calcium obtained from your diet properly. This is why vitamin K2 D3 supplements are preferred and more recommended by nutritionists compared to standard vitamin D additives.

Vitamin K2 D3 Drops Benefits

Aside from its well-known role in promoting blood clotting in the event of an injury, vitamin K, which is derived from the K2 liquid drops, is beneficial in supporting healthy bone development and protecting you from age-related cardiovascular ailments. Not just that, it's also involved in promoting a healthy prostate, brain and wrinkle-free skin. Here's how.

Working in synergy with Vitamin D3, it acts as an important antigen for the production of essential proteins that are, in turn, necessary for the maintenance of optimum bone metabolism. Additionally, it is involved in the transportation of calcium from the gut to its utilization points. So requisite is the presence of vitamin K in this complex physiological reaction that a Japanese study recently found out that women who consume a diet rich in this mineral are less likely to develop osteoarthritis in their old age.

Secondly, vitamin K is required for the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels in persons above the age of 65. This is actually the age where most people are likely to develop lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes, particularly if they have not had a meticulous diet and fitness regimen in their formative years. Luckily, healthy levels of vitamin K have been observed to play a significant role in bringing sporadic blood sugar spikes under control naturally. Researchers believe that this stems from the fact that the vitamin supports the homeostatic metabolism of blood sugar. Another study went as far as linking adequate vitamin K levels with excellent cardiovascular health markers such as low resting heart rate.

Thirdly, a new study suggests that vitamin K has an important role to play in the regulation of the body's defense mechanism. Remember that a balanced inflammatory and disease-causing-organism response is essential to stave off autoimmune disorders such as GBS – Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Taking Liquid Vitamin D3 Drops Does Away with the Need to Bake Your Precious Skin in the Scorching Sun

As much as Vitamin D is best obtained via spending hours outdoors in the sun, we know that this might not sit well with most of us who are wary of the other harmful impacts of strong sunlight rays. Besides, the sun is not always bright and shiny throughout the year unless you live squarely in the tropics. Fortunately, this supplement contains the active part of the traditional ‘sunshine nutriment' (denoted as vitamin D3) that has the following beneficial properties.

For starters, it supports optimum bone health by stimulating the absorption and utilization of calcium from dietary sources. At the same time, it prevents excess calcium excretion thereby promoting the sustenance of healthy bones deep into old age. As a bonus, the mineral works in close conjunction with vitamin D3 to keep calcium out of soft tissues like the kidneys and the heart and in bones where it is useful.

Secondly, adequate vitamin D3 levels are crucial for a healthy nervous system and high cognitive performance, especially in senior citizens. Scientists have recently found an association between high vitamin D3 levels and octogenarians with a superb memory and admirable mental acuity.