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DHT Blocker Complex

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Looking for hair loss products to stop balding and maybe even regrow some of your lost hair back? You are bound to come across terms like 'dht blockers' and 'dht blocking vitamins' . Which, of course, leads to most folks asking themselves, what is dht blocker pills such as Wellabs?

To grasp how exactly our dihydrotestosterone blocking capsules work, and their consequence in hair thinning and, eventually, balding, it's important to understand the science behind hair loss. DHT, as the name suggests, is more or less a hormone that is essentially derived from testosterone and is thought to be the reason behind male pattern baldness. Ironically enough, it is also one of the major reasons men tend to have more body hair than women, develop deeper voices and are able to pack more muscle mass within a relatively shorter time. Interesting enough, dihydrotestosterone is also linked to increased virility and a healthy sex drive. Sounds good, right? Here at Wellabs, we wouldn’t want to interfere with any of that.

However, despite all of the above supposed upsides of dihydrotestosterone, it is also thought to be the main reason premature baldness affects men and not women. This is after scientists recently found out that hair thinning occurs when testosterone in the bloodstream is converted to dihydrotestosterone at the hair follicles. Now, bearing in mind that the DHT in question is synthesized inside the hair follicles themselves, it is easy to see why most supplements advertised as dht blocker pills have minimal success unless they can somehow penetrate the hair scalp and attack the offending dihydrotestosterone head on.

DHT Blocker Benefits

As mentioned above, dihydrotestosterone is not by itself entirely a bad thing. It is derived from testosterone, and healthy T-levels are necessary for a number of things including;

  • A healthy and well-functioning cardiovascular system
  • Stronger bones
  • More muscle and less fat
  • Better spatial abilities, verbal memory and mathematical reasoning
  • Better libido
  • Improved mood
  • About 10% of free testosterone is usually converted to dihydrotestosterone in the hair follicles, more if you have a proclivity to hair thinning that is passed down genealogically. In short, if your father or close male relatives are balding with age, it is also probable that you'll show the same kind of male pattern balding since the follicle-shrinking impact of dihydrotestosterone is more pronounced in your family.

    What you need, however, is not lower testosterone levels but to prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in the hair follicles. And this is where Wellabs' dht blocker for men comes into play. The benefits of DHT blockers will, therefore, include the following gems.

    Lush Healthy-looking Hair Courtesy of the Action of DHT Blocker for Men and Women

    As you already know dihydrotestosterone hormone is the culprit responsible for the progressive loss of hair that men and women experience as the years roll by. That means that if you can find a natural and reliable way of stopping the conversion of free testosterone androgen dihydrotestosterone, then you can prevent the characteristic thinning and balding that precedes complete hair loss. Here's where our dht blocker for women really excels at.

    By counteracting the adverse effects of dihydrotestosterone, the supplement promotes the growth of longer and thicker hair thanks to its ability to stimulate the hair follicles and boost the availability of nutrients necessary for a lengthy growth cycle.

    Speaking of the improved growth cycle, the inhibited impact of dihydrotestosterone in the hair follicles means that your hair can grow longer without splitting or weakening. In other words, you can now sport longer and stronger strands which would not have been possible without the action of this dht blocker for men.

    More Than Just Your Regular Hair Supplement Pills

    Our healthy hair pills transcends the expected objective which is, of course, helping you get and maintain healthy locks and strands. Our natural DHT blocker for hair loss goes over and beyond this by also supporting the function of a healthy prostate. You see, these Wellabs capsules are infused with an array of essential minerals that are designed to protect this highly sensitive gland from the negative effects of DHT that can spur it into unwanted growth.

    Remember that uncontrolled and harmful enlargement of the prostate is the reason behind a slew of reproductive, cardiovascular and urinary system problems that accost many men over the age of 40. And this includes the likes of;

  • Prostate cancer
  • Slow or limited healing of wounds after sustaining a physical injury
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Frequent urination and bladder problems
  • To add salt to injury, the freely flowing DHT hair blocker in your bloodstream if unchecked can inhibit your scalp's ability to support the growth of a healthy and good-looking crop of hair.

    Wellabs Hair Growth Capsules are Perfect for Both Men and Women

    The truth is that hair thinning and balding is not just limited to men. Women too can suffer from the adverse effects of DHT androgens in the bloodstream, especially if they are predisposed to periodic hormonal fluctuation or have genetic predisposition to alopecia. And that's why we have created a dht blocker hair growth supplement that can work as well in women as it does in reversing male pattern baldness.

    Speaking of baldness, these capsules are tailored to target and correct a number of hair loss problems in women too. And this encompasses common woes such as a fast receding hairline, bald spots after pregnancy, unexplained alopecia, hair thinning and breakage. In short, you can now bid goodbye scarfs, hats, headbands and will no longer dread visiting your hairdresser or worry about how often you can wash your hair.

    Besides, the Wellabs dht blocker hair regrowth program is also perfect for those who are looking for a fresh start and an even fresher mop of hair. Our capsules are laden with just the right natural nutrients that your follicles need to adopt a longer growth cycle. The rejuvenated roots will then bloom to lustrous and shiny hair faster than you can pronounce dihydrotestosterone.

    Main Ingredients:
    • Iron Ferrous Fumarate - 5 mg
    • Biotin - 600 mcg
    • Zinc - 5 mg
    • Proprietary Blend - 800 mg
    • Saw Palmetto Extract (Serenoa repens) (fruit),
    • Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) (seed),
    • Nettle (Urtica dioica) (leaf),
    • Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) (leaf),
    • Tomato Powder (Solanum lycopersicum).
    Other Ingredients:

    Vegetable capsules, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.

    How to Use Wellabs DHT Blocker

    Each capsule of our dht blocker prescri-ption contains 5 mg of iron ferrous fumarate, 600mcg of biotin and bolstered by about 5mg zinc and 800mg of a special proprietary blend. The ideal dosage is two capsules a day to give yourself the best chance of regrowing your bald spots without necessarily predisposing yourself to dht blocker side effects.

    Reclaim Your Glorious Crown Today!

    Whether you are king or a queen of your own little dominion, every royalty deserves a coronet and a crown. Make no mistake, that crown that befits a king, queen, princess or prince is not a headband, scarf or hat to hide your receding hairline or bald spot. Instead, it's a healthy mop of lustrous-looking hair that has people complimenting you on your dashing looks. That's the main objective of Wellab's dht blocker results.

    Besides, a balanced testosterone profile, which is a well-earned bonus of assimilating a reliable dihydrotestosterone in your life, translates to a happy prostate and lower risk of developing coronary cancer. Simply put, it's a win-win situation here with nothing to lose.

    What other reason do you need to add Wellab's DHT Blocking pills to your cart right now?

    Truth be told, as helpful, potent and effective our biotin dht blocker are, they are not particularly intended to treat, cure, manage or reverse any specific hair loss malady or malfunction. Our goal is to give you a natural, well-adjusted and safe avenue to reclaim your once magnificent crown. You may want, however, to seek advice from a relevant licensed professional ( such as a trichologist or hair doctor ) before self-diagnosing yourself with alopecia or male pattern baldness. After, balding can be a result of a variety of factors among them being the highetened activity of dihydrotestosterone hormone.

    Q: Do dht blocking pills work?

    A: Yes! Dihydrotestosterone blocking pills are one of the most effective proven hair loss treatments. And not just that, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that shows that they also aid in bumping future growth and blooming of hair. In fact, there's a study conducted by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology that unearthed how more than 80% of men who took dihydrotesterone experienced some degree of decrease in hair loss weeks after starting treatment while close to a whopping 66% were able to reverse their bald spots.

    Purely statistically speaking, those are quite promising numbers for a treatment that involves just taking a couple of capsules per day, especially considering how hard it is to kickstart a spurt of healthy hair regrowth or putting some brakes on hair loss.

    Q: Is biotin a dht blocking compound?

    A: No, biotin is mainly a vitamin and most vitamins have minimal effect or impact on dihydrotesterone. That being said, what biotin does is create a specific set of optimum conditions that allows fast and healthy blooming of hair. To some extent, this can stop hair loss at its tracks especially when combined with known blockers and inhibitors of dihydrotestosterone. Also, a combination of vitamin D and biotin has been shown to be relatively effective at halting hair loss and regrowing bald patches in some people.

    Q: Does saw palmetto work for hair loss?

    A: Yes, saw palmetto has been shown to have minimal success in stopping hair loss and regrowing bald spots. The treatment, however, is usually more effective and impactful when combined with other active ingredients such as dihydrotestosterone blocking compounds and foods that can spur hair growth such as brazil nuts, fatty fish and eggs.

    That being said, it is worth noting that saw palmetto is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. In other words, it can stop (with minimal success) the seroconversion of free testosterone to dihydrotestosterone at the hair follicles. In some people, this can often mean a chance of regaining some of the shrunk hair strands or at least, some degree of reduced rate of hair loss. But since saw palmetto can inadvertently affect your PSA, it is advisable to always consult with your physician before starting to use this supplement specifically to combat hair loss.


    Hair Growth
    Hair Growth
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    Slows Hair Loss
    For Men & Women
    For Men & Women

    DHT Blocker Complex