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Chlorophyll Drops - Buy 3 Get 1 Free

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Organic liquid chlorophyll drops have clearly come a long way to become the delicious nutritious drops that you can purchase from us today.

Note: Our brands employ a water base as the main formulation solvent. Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t use an alcohol base for this since we are committed to staying true to our policy of only using 100% organic ingredients in our manufacturing and preparation process. On the downside, this may compromise the shelf-life of our products and it's also not uncommon for fallouts to occur. Not to worry though, you just have to shake the product well before use and you’re good to go.

You see, chlorophyll plays an immense role in making plants healthy, robust and green. It is packed with an array of antioxidants, vitamins and a range of therapeutic elements that the body can utilize to improve the balance of your immune system and give you a healthier complexion while at it. The problem is that extracting it directly from plants through your diet is not feasible as the delicate ensemble that makes up the active ingredient here may not survive cooking or digestion to allow absorption later on. Here's where our liquid chlorophyll concentrate comes into play.

The Little-Known Benefits of Drinking Chlorophyll Liquid drops

Being one of the leading chlorophyll drops you can find anywhere online today, our liquid chlorophyll supplement is not just twice as bioavailable as your standard food additive but also comes with the following benefits tucked under its sleeve.

1. Discover New Skin by Adding Chlorophyll Drops for Water in your Menus

One of the upsides that this supplement has is that you can take chlorophyll drops in water without ruining its bioavailability or diluting its potency. This makes it incredibly easier for one to keep track of their dosage.

Speaking of which, chlorophyllin - the active ingredient here - has demonstrated promising abilities to reduce the onset of chronic inflammation and suppress the growth of harmful bacteria in skin wounds. If anything, a 2008 study revolving around the effect of applying ointments on wounds to improve their healing rate unearthed the findings that those that contained chlorophyllin were the most effective at this. In other words, you'd get better results relying on a treatment that contains it than one that does not.

This can be carried over as an effective medication or buffer against other common conditions such as acne or sun damage. Topical treatment with this active ingredient, for instance, shows remarkable results in healing acne and sunspots. The same ought to be the case when you make it a habit of drinking these drops in your water, something that won't affect the chlorophyll absorption rate.

2. Internal Deodorant Chlorophyll for that Odor-free Aura

It has been used since late 1940 to not only mask but also neutralize certain not-so-pleasant odors that could be pushing people away from you. What started as mere claims and misconceptions have now been proven through a series of comprehensive studies carried over the recent past.

The latest one, for example, investigated the ability of the active ingredient in this supplement to suppress fish odor in sufferers of trimethylaminuria. It was observed that chlorophyllin played a paramount role in neutralizing the concentration of trimethyl amines in the body's ecosystem that could be causing the manifestation of such a murky odor.

While you may not be suffering from trimethylaminuria just yet, taking these drops is a sure-fire way of synthesizing your own personal internal deodorant that combats any unflattering distinct aromas that you may be emitting unbeknownst to you. And, although these drops may help fight bad breath too, that should not be an excuse to let go of your oral hygiene rituals.

3. Taking Liquid Chlorophyll for Skin May Also Improve your Overall Wellness

A few blood experts also believe that taking liquid chlorophyll drops regularly can aid in building up your erythrocytes (red blood cells) count. This is coming from the backdrop of a 2004 study that suggested how consuming wheatgrass on a regular reduced the frequency of blood transfusions needed by people suffering from thalassemia. Wheatgrass concentrate, in case you are wondering how it is connected to this, contains more than 70% active chlorophyllin.

Still, on this, researchers also believe that its detoxification ability could have a beneficial knock-on effect in keeping some cancers at bay. Remember that although a conclusive cause of cancer is yet to be singled out, the disease is mainly associated with the sporadic growth of rogue cells that regular detoxification can help stave off.