!The main goal of this challenge is to provide Wellabs brand awareness!

The host of WELLABS TIKTOK CHALLENGE is shopwellabs.com . 

The idea of Wellabs TikTok challenge is to pay participants for views of their videos. 

The biggest prize is 15 000$!

Every new round of the challenge starts on the 1st of each month. On the last day of each month Wellabs team will check participants’ videos through hashtag #wellabstktokchallenge and choose winners.

The amount of videos per participant is unlimited. 

Shopwellabs.com will issue a refund for the product portrayed in the video. In order to be eligible for a refund, the participant must fulfill the following conditions 

  • Put a hashtag #wellabstiktokchallenge below the posted video 
  • Tag @wellabs.usa below the posted video
  • Participants can get a refund for 1 WELLABS product that was ordered for creating WELLABS TIKTOK CHALLENGE video during 1 month providing the order number and the email that was used to make the order 
  • The product must be ordered not earlier than the 1st of each month 


    • To earn 1000$ participants have to gain 500k views
    • To earn 2000$ participants have to gain 1m views
    • To earn 4500$ participants have to gain 3m views
    • To earn 7500$ participants have to gain 5m views
    • To earn 15000$ participants have to gain 10m views

To get the prize:

  • The winners must follow @wellabs.usa on TikTok
  • The videos must be posted on the TikTok platform 
  • The videos must contain in caption #wellabstktokchallenge and account tag @wellabs.usa 
  • The videos must reach the specified amount of views 
  • The winners must be tagged by WELLABS on the list of winners on the official  WELLABS TikTok account @wellabs.usa 
  • The winners must contact tiktok@shopwellabs.com for further instructions to receive the funds
  • The winner must provide their valid Paypal account to receive the prize

Requirements to entry Wellabs TikTok challenge:

  • WELLABS TIKTOK CHALLENGE may only be entered into by participants who follow our TikTok account @wellabs.usa; are US residents and are over the age of 18.
  • Entries will only be accepted through posting on participants' TikTok accounts.
  • Emails or DMs to Wellabs with video entry will not be accepted.
  • The Contest Period is unlimited. Every month videos will be reviewed and winners will be acknowledged.
  • All winners should email tiktok@shopwellabs.com a link to the video to claim their reward.
  • Entries will only be accepted if a participant has an public profile
  • Participants’ videos must be public
  • To take part in Wellabs TikTok Challenge participant must have not less than 500 followers on theirTikTok account
  • Participant’s Tiktok account profile must be active for at least 1 month before and after the challenge

To become one of participants you should follow the next steps:

  • Follow @wellabs.usa TikTok page https://www.tiktok.com/@wellabs.usa
  • Post unlimited viral videos with Wellabs Products on your TikTok. Your video should contain the text phrase on it "$15k Wellabs TikTok challenge!". Make it crazy!
  • Your caption should contain this text "Buy it here @wellabs.usa, #wellabstiktokchallenge, #WellabsWellness"
  • Your account settings must be public during the Contest Period (this will help boost your views as well!)

Participants’ videos must be created according to all the rules below to be accepted for Wellabs TikTok Challenge:

  • WHAT TO DO: Create "satisfying" content - a mixture of up close product shots, applying the product on skin (in whatever way you feel most comfortable), and if applicable, breaking off the swirl. Viewers need to be hooked with something strong and "share" worthy.
  • LOCATION: Film where lighting is optimal & where there are no background distractions. Suggested: film a product close-up outside with flowers in the background and/or inside the bathroom or shower applying the products.
  • TEXT: Engaging text pop-ups with product benefits/keywords.
  • LENGTH OF EACH CLIP: Each clip should really only last about 1-3 seconds maximum and if the clip is lasting as long as 3 seconds it should be a very engaging clip with text transitions every ~ 1.2 seconds to keep the user engaged.
  • COVER PHOTO: Choose a cover photo that stands out - clear image, bright colors, text with emojis.
  • WHAT TO SAY: Use your voice over the video as an audio discussing product benefits/how to use it. Make sure your tone doesn't go too high or sound unsure. Sound confident, cool and fun. Small elements like saying something in a fun way helps a lot! Feel free to show your personality - no need to be too serious.
  • AUDIO: Popular/trending song with audio of your voiceover
  • VIDEO LENGTH: Between 10-15 seconds to increase views & engagement.
  • FILTERS: Skip the filters! Bright lighting wins (outdoor is the best!).

Requirements for videos:

  • A video is considered to be posted if a participant posts it on the TikTok platform during the specified period of the challenge.
  • Videos must be original content
  • Videos must not be posted or used for any purposes earlier
  • Videos must contain WELLABS products

Force Majeure And Forced Case

In any situation of force majeure or fortuitous event that prevents or delays, in whole or in part, the execution of the Regulations and the continuation of the WELLABS TIKTOK CHALLENGE the Organizer will be exonerated from the responsibility regarding the fulfillment of his obligations for the period in which this fulfillment will not be possible.