TOP 3 hair mask to glam as a STAR

TOP 3 hair mask to glam as a STAR

Whether your curls look frizzy or your bangs look a bit dull and worn, a hair shine mask may be just what you need to breathe life back to them. A well-formulated hair mask is designed to restore that attractive softness and moisture that we associate with the vigour of youthfulness and the vitality of outstanding genes. In fact, some of the best hair mask for shine can add that elusive brightness to your bun or locks within a matter of minutes. And the best thing about it? You can also do it yourself at the comfort of your kitchen if not your dressing table.

How can a Mask Make Hair Shine

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Hair masks are a quick, efficient and potent way of supporting the growth and existence of your hair within less than 20 minutes of application. Think of these hair masks as super-powered hair conditioners that are meant to give your hair a whole host of benefits such as hydration/softening, added shine, growth boost and, at the same time, fight off infections.

Compared to hair conditioners and shampoos, hair masks are more like body butter than body lotion. They are like a richer, fully and more complete version of your traditional body lotion only that this time it is meant for your hair and not your skin. What's more, hair masks - just body butter - are recommended for almost everyone, regardless of their type of hair or texture. If anything, hair type is not even among the top ten factors that influence the type of mask for hair shine that you should select for your needs. So, rather than being guided on how thin or thick your mane is, the most important consideration should instead be 'what your hair needs'.

And, this can be a range of needs, starting from damage-repair, nutrient replenishment or hydration. The idea here, nonetheless, is to select a shine hair mask that you can use about once or twice a week instead of your leave-in conditioner without necessarily disrupting your hair care regimen.

3 Best Natural Hair Shine Masks

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1. Olaplex Hair Perfector High shine Hair Mask and Repairing Treatment

Olaplex has been at the top of the game in hair cosmetics and so it is not a surprise that they have one of the best natural hair shine masks particularly for colored hair. The mask works perfectly for both curly hair and thin hair alike. The transformation that this hair mask is able to impart on brittle-looking hair is so tremendous that most hair stylists and specialists will often swear by it. It will visibly strengthen hair, reduce frizziness, reduce hair breakage and improve the overall feel and look of one's hair.

Unlike most hair shine masks that have to be confined within a strict range of hair textures, Olaplex works surprisingly well with a variety of natural hair types. It works on natural hair textures that tend to look and feel dry or coarse as well as it does on healthy and naturally silky smooth hair. It is also not as overly aggressive in its smoothing properties and neither does it have an unusually high amount of protein in it.

Being a natural high shine hair mask implies that it employs a paraben-free formula that can make most hair types look shinier and softer, in addition to aiding in its reconstruction. Speaking of repairing, Olaplex employs a unique bond-building reconstruction technology to rebuild and rework chemically damaged hair starting at strand level.

2. Christophe Robin Mask with Natural Prickly-Pear Seed Oil

Also known as the most universally hydrating mask, Christine Robin's Natural Shine makes use of organic ingredients such as Prickly Pear extra virgin seed oil and a vitamin E substrate. The vitamin E finds its way here as an antioxidant whose task is to restore any lost keratin and biotin from your hair. The combination of these two ingredients makes the hair silkier and shinier while somehow managing to avoid clogging the scalp or causing an undesirable build-up of products as it happens with other inorganic hair masks.

While it is possible to use the mask through a simple use and rinse approach, you want to incorporate heat as part of your hair care regimen if you really want to luxuriate those hair strands. In this case, you can apply the mask underneath your shower cap and place a steaming hot towel on top to extract the active ingredients faster.

3. NaturAll Club Fresh Avocado Mask and Deep Conditioner

This is arguably the best deep conditioner hair mask for split ends and shine. It is tailored for tightly curled or wavy hair and considered the best in this class at the moment. The mask is optimized to work with damaged hair, dry hair and dull hair - and on top of this its 100% natural. On the downside, this means that it has to be stored refrigerated in between uses but this should not be a problem if you own a freezer.

As the name suggests, the main active ingredient here is avocados, which have a choke full of vitamin B and E. Avocados are also known for their superiority in repairing scalp damage that could be the genesis of dry hair right from the root. Besides, this has proven indispensable in locking in the moisture alongside the hair shaft such that the hair looks and feels easier to manage and detangle. Notably, there is also tea tree oil somewhere within the formulation of this hair mask which, apart from giving the the mask a characteristic tingly sensation when applied on the scalp, softens it significantly.

Nevertheless, since the mask is very moisturizing and humidifying, it can be a tad bit too heavy for some hair textures. But if you have hair that is naturally dry or course, then this is without a doubt the way to go since your mane will be more manageable and softer after just several applications.

Three Best DIY Hair Shine Masks

As much as hair masks are incredible additions to your hair care regimen, the best hair mask to shine are not exactly cheap or accessible to all. Luckily, you don't have to spend more than a few bucks acquiring the ingredients for following diy hair masks for moisture and shine.

1. Honey + Coconut Oil Hair Mask

coconut oil and honey hair mask

This restorative DIY mask combines the goodness of coconut oil and the magical capabilities of honey to make hair healthy-looking and shiny. In this mask, coconut oil works to keep hair soft and moist staving off perennial hair breakage thanks to its high moisture retention capabilities. Besides, since coconut oil is characteristically loaded with an ample amount of fatty acids, it can penetrate hair more evenly and deeply than regular commercial conditioners. The result, as expected, is silky, beautiful and soft shiny hair especially if organic coconut oil was used in place of the standard commercial one.

Honey, on the other side of the spectrum, contributed in making this hair shine diy mask adaptable to a variety of hair textures and types. It is also an emollient that locks in moisture providing the much-needed hydration boost required to reclaim the lost shine and sheen that is a characteristic of heavily damaged hair.

2. Cinnamon + Coconut Hair Mask

coconut oil and cinnamon hair mask

The moisturizing and hydrating properties of coconut oil are paired with the antimicrobacterial properties of cinnamon to give rise to a potent DIY mask that can help grow your hair out and still combat dandruff. Cinnamon is also believed to help with staving off hair loss, strengthening hair follicles and stimulating the flow of blood throughout the scalp. This leads to a stimulated growth of hair to the extent that if you are looking for longer curls and a healthier mane, then you should already be stirring out this DIY mask.

3. Lemon + Egg Hair Mask

lemon and egg hair mask

Eggs are a rich source of vitamins D, E and A. It also has a decent supply of fatty acids and proteins that help retain the natural shine and lustre in the hair. And considering that hair is mostly made of keratin and biotin (proteins) , this extra boost of the body-building molecule leaves your hair feeling restored, rejuvenated and healthy. It is also an excellent natural conditioner if you need one urgently and don’t have the money to spend on a conventional leave-in one.

Lemon, on the other side of the divide, is best for those who have an oily or subcutaneous scalp, And, this is thanks to its natural ability to absorb grease and oil from naturally oily hair, application of this mask will leave it looking more balanced, dapper and presentable. It is also rich in vitamin C which contributes immensely to strong robust-looking locks. Besides, its acidic nature has been shown to be functional in clearing off accumulated dust and debris from the hair which your shampoo could have missed. Other than being an effective natural dandruff remedy courtesy of its legendary anti-fungal properties, the limonene in lemon adds bounce and lustre to otherwise dull or lifeless-looking hair.

Now, if this DIY hair mask for shine does not work for you, try another variation of the same by adding some coconut milk to the concoction. You see, coconut milk is a renowned hair rejuvenating solution. It is particularly helpful for those looking for a natural and organic remedy for never-ending hair loss. It is also laden with rare vitamins such as folate and niacin that are known to stimulate circulation in the scalp area thereby encouraging rapid hair growth.