Health Care - Best Gave to Spring

Health Care - Best Gave to Spring

Hurrah! The long dreadful winter is behind us. The flowers are now blooming, birds are singing and the sun is shining radiantly yet again. But, are you? Granted, winter can be one of the most taxing or least-favourite time of the year for many. The transition to spring and other warmer, bubblier plus less chillier months that follow is welcomed by open arms and gleeful smiles. However, most miss the whole point of spring - to replan, re-calibrate and revamp each little aspect of our lives that had ground to a halt during the wintry season. And, here is where most of us can do with a few handy self-care ideas tailored just for spring.

Self-Care Ideas for Spring That You Hadn't Thought Of

1. Change up your Skin and Hair Care Routine

Curly hair care routine

Chances are, you won't be needing the same overzealous skin and hair care routine that you had adopted for the more frigid months. The wind chill, for instance, is not below zero degrees anymore and neither is a snowstorm likely to bombard you unexpectedly in April or at the height of May. So, you can rightfully go easy on the extra moisturizing gel that you had been using on your hair in December or that heavy-duty lotion that you were slathering back in January.

And, since this is all about spring self care, we don't mean that you should go gung-ho and discard all your hair and skin treatment altogether. On the contrary, this is the best season to experiment with newer and less restrictive beauty products in preparation for the warmer summer months around the corner. That means a lighter shampoo, for instance, or even a new hair cut now that you won't be required to always have your winter cap on or buy a new scarf every week.

Now that we are talking about routines, spring is also an opportunity to reorganize your day-to-day schedule. You, for instance, will no longer have to spend half an away prying snow from your car in the morning. Instead, those extra minutes can now be spent reading a book over a steamy cup of coffee just before kicking off your day. Failure to take into account the new spaces of time that a new season begets makes it easier for you to lose track of precious time that was otherwise gobbled up by winter-related rituals.

2. Deep Clean Your Home

Spring cleaning, unlike other 'modernistic' self care spring ideas has always been an old-fashioned tradition in the Northern Hemisphere. Here's where you comb through your home or apartment and discard anything that you won't need anymore now that the cold season is past us.

You see, self care in spring is not just about your hair or body. A clean, refreshed and revivified environment might be just what you need to kick out the winter blues. Being in a cleaner, tidier and less cluttered space after getting rid of all the winter months paraphernalia can help you less better, work better or even get a revitalized outlook of your life.

And, no, we don't mean that you should throw out your winter shawls, jacket or heating coils that could still come in handy in November. Simply just put them away in an organized fashion to give your house that minimalist summery look that tells you party time is just around the corner!

Speaking of deep cleaning, if there was ever an ideal time to remodel your bedroom or living room, then spring would rank the highest. After all, nobody wants to keep reliving the desolate and icy nights that we had to keep our heaters cranked up just not to freeze to death. What's more, a newer fresher look of your bedroom could be just what you need to thaw your inner icebox and get in the mood for summer which is just around the corner.

3. Re-work your Wardrobe

Wardrobe rework

If you are looking for new ways to take care of yourself during spring, then updating your wardrobe should be top of your spring self care list. For starters, it's obvious that you don't need the same dreary trench coats or winter boots in the next couple of weeks. But it does not end there. This is the chance you have been waiting for to try out that floral dress or closely-fitting shirt which you couldn't wear in the colder months without risking a nasty cold.

Not just that, this is also the time to declutter and re-organize your dressing closet. Speaking of which, you can kickstart this by visiting the tailor and making sure that the clothes that you wish to retain fit as they should. It also goes without saying that those that you can't get to fit as they are supposed to should be discarded to give room for attires that you will actually wear.

While at it, this is also the best time to add a few fun collections to your transition self care from winter to spring as far as their wardrobe goes. Unlike in the summer, auxiliary items that could punch up your closet are likely to be still cheap and this would be an opportune time to grab a few and save a few coins while at it.

4. Update Your Menus to Reflect More In-season Foods

Salad greens, fiddleheads, lettuces, peas, asparagus etc, you name them are all in season during spring. So, if there was actually a time that you could load up on veggies and finger-licking good greens without spending a fortune, then this would be it. And that's not all, the spring equinox gives forth and ushers in a plentiful supply of cashew nuts, fresh herbs, tons of kales and lemons. In other words, this is the time to enjoy nutritious and delicious smoothies daily on the cheap!

Recharging your diet this spring season will also mean bulking up on those lean animal proteins if you are not a vegetarian. These are the months that you are most likely to chance upon eggs, fish, turkey, pork and chicken at your nearest farmer's market with very attractive price tags. Heating spices such as cumin, cinnamon, clove, white or black pepper, cayenne pepper ought to be also in decent supply.

Some of the new recipes to try that feature the unbridled goodness of spring include the likes of;

  • Egg salad sandwiches paired with radish
  • Scallops and pea pesto pasta
  • Strawberry muffins and pistachio
  • Morels, peas, asparagus with Ricotta Gnocchi
  • Almond bars with Rhubarb-raspberry
  • Asparagus with feta and baked eggs

5. Socialize, Preferable Outdoors

One of the dark sides that the bleak and wintry months are known for is the absentia of outdoor social events thanks to the frigid and unpredictable weather. But luckily for us, the sun is shining again and chilly gusts of wind are slowly turning to a warm haze. And, what's a better way of breaking the monotonous frosty routine of scrambling to stay warm than by going outside and meeting new faces?

Yes, that's right. Spring typically has no shortage of social events - be they get-togethers, easter parties or simple soccer or baseball matches. So go on, ride the wave and bid goodbye to huddling up alone in your apartment, at least for the next six months or so.

Now that we can go outdoors, it also means that it is time for that long overdue spring picnic where we go armed with nothing but a few drinks, food and plenty of music. Yes, this is the best time of the year to go camping as many other outdoor enthusiasts are yet to get into the groove. This means that you can enjoy acres of prime camping real estate all on your own unlike in the summer where excursion sites are usually too thronged and cramped up for comfort.

6. Try Meditation and Yoga

Morning meditation

If you are a fitness enthusiast - you don't have to be a real pro at it - then you must know that the advent of spring means that you are no longer confined to your indoor gym and treadmill. Now that it is warmer and less snowy, you can take your yoga mat outside and combat cortisol by doing some yoga poses at the park or on the hills with the sun on your face.

Other than just breaking the monotony of being restricted indoors, yoga and meditation as a spring self care simplify the ways you can use to keep your stress levels in check. For starters, studies show that a combination of yoga and meditation is one of the few most effective ways of reducing anxiety and stress. And, while also at it, striking yoga poses reduces chronic inflammation, something that helps keep cancer, diabetes, and heart disease at bay.

Overall, the remarkable benefits of yoga in improving one's general quality of life cannot be disputed. This, of course, includes your mood levels (which could have tanked over the dreary winter) and fatigue tolerance. So, if you are yearning to invigorate and re-infuse your life with bursting energy, then yoga and meditation is a good place to start.

And, if for whatever reason you cannot take up yoga this season, at least pick up a new book from your nearest bookstore. Reading a new book gives your fresher and newfangled perspective that you will need as you transition from one of the darkest months to some of the brightest and most scintillating. It could help you keep you more balanced or inspire you to take up a new challenge or even kick out an addiction now that we are in a brand new season.

7. Unplug from Modern Technology and Explore Nature Instead

There's no denying that we have grown quite reliant on our ipads, phones and computers. Few of us can go a couple of hours without instinctively checking our news feed, instagram stories, whatsapp statuses, emails or facebook wall. And although you may not realize the progressive impact that this can have on your mental and physical health, the toll that modern technology takes on your personal battery is indisputable.

This spring, you can (for a change) vow to lessen this kind of harmful information overload that could be unknowingly driving you over the edge. Whether this means stepping away from your gadgets occasionally for a set amount of time or unplugging for days, this is entirely up to you and your schedule. Either way, make a conscious effort this spring to give communication technology a wider berth and embrace nature more this spring.

With the vibrant and warmer weather outdoors, this is even easier than it sounds. Leave your iphone, for instance, behind and go for a long walk or a run outdoors instead. Take your dog for a stroll without your ipad and flip through the pages of the latest fashion magazine on your front steps rather than reading the same on your computer screen. The bottom line? It does not have to be extravagant or expensive, you just need to feel better again than you have in ages.

8. Get the Flowers

Woman holding flowers

There's something about having freshly cut flowers in your house with the curtains drawn that automatically lifts one's spirits. The radiant color, cheerful aura and refreshingly light fragrance could help drive away the dampness of the long dark winter season that you just survived. It may sound a bit cliche but adding fresh flowers to your main living space is a sure way of importing springtime's pristine beauty indoors.

Spring Self Care Ideas for Moms

Winter is definitely a trying time of the year for moms, especially working mothers. Which, of course, is why we find it necessary to have a special section for self care ideas for moms. This is the time to recharge, kickback and relieve motherhood-related stressors now that the summer months are fast approaching. If you are wondering where to start, then taking a warm bath bomb after the kids have gone to bed should do it. Here, you can take a few extra minutes to deeply condition your hair and even slap on a moisturizing mask to rejuvenate your skin and heal the scars you picked up over the winter. The new me-time (now that the kids are no longer fussy about the cold and don't require as much supervision) could be spent reading a new book or meditating.

Speaking of which, your self care sunday ideas should now include signing your children to extracurricular outdoor activities now that they can play outside without risking hypothermia. It does not have to be anything fancy; scouting organizations, local kids clubs and school sports are an ideal start. This also implies that they will spend less time holed up indoors with you and more time interacting with their agemates and nature. You can then use the newly freed-up time to go on dates or talk to a counselor or therapist. Remember to also assign your children more age-appropriate chores this season, particularly those that revolve around your immediate compound, such as raking up trash or helping you mow the front yard or clean out the garage.