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Chocolate Collagen Smoothie

Chocolate Collagen Smoothie

It's normal to crave something chocolatey and sweet from time to time, and here's where a chocolate collagen smoothie comes in handy. And with no added sugar and 5 whole foods and nutritious ingredients, you can rest assured that this recipe gives a delicious smoothie that is way more healthier than the average chocolate bar in the grocery store checkout aisle. All factors considered, a definite win in anyone's books!

Key Ingredients of the Collagen Chocolate Smoothie Recipe

The ideal collagen chocolate smoothie incorporates a collection of deliberately selected ingredients that coalesce to form a delicious and incredibly nutritious drink to power your quest for wellness. Here's a quick primer on that.

1. Chocolate

You don't have to be a nutritionist to know that chocolate is superbly good for your health, especially when served without artificial sweeteners and what not. Besides, it's a natural mood enhancer which makes it a pleasant addition to your TLC regimen, right?

2. Collagen Peptide Drops

Far from the common misconception, collagen peptide supplements are not just a reserve for bodybuilders. If anything, you will be surprised to find out that most women struggle to get enough of this important nutriment from their day-to-day eating habits. And this can be quite a bummer taking into account that it is a critical health metric needed for overall wellness. We are talking about better mood, elevated mental clarity, fired up metabolism and much more. Not to mention the extra beauty benefits such as clear and wrinkle-free skin that comes hand-in-hand with quality collagen supplementation.

3. The Extras

This includes the likes of almond or coconut milk, butter and frozen banana that amps the flavor of your chocolate collagen smoothie making it even more pleasant to down. The end result, as you would imagine, is a creamy, sweet, chocolate collagen smoothie that packs a decent health punch.

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