Best places to visit - do you have enough energy?

Best places to visit - do you have enough energy?

The world, as broken and deeply flawed as it may be at the moment, has a number of incredible places you can visit that are akin to paradise on earth. Some of these places are little known and well-hidden from the limelight of avid vacationers and globe-trotting tourists while others are renowned international destinations that feature in the bucket list of almost any outgoing and adventure-loving person. And contrary to what most people think, the best places to visit on planet earth do not necessarily demand a millionaires budget or exclusive flight tickets to get to. In fact, you would be actually surprised that one of the best places to visit on the planet has been sitting in your backyard all along.


We all need distractions from time to time to lift our souls and refresh our spirits. The WORLD is full of surprises, even if they are difficult to reach. Although the pandemic thwarted all our plans, it did not stop our interest. Here is a premise of some of the best places on the planet to visit.


Bear in Katmai national park

Katmai is not connected by any roads. Approximately 5 million acres of this combined national park and preserve are selected for strictly prohibited forestland. The only way to get there is by jet ski or seaplane.

Home to lynx, wolves and other exotic wildlife, Katmai is on the global map mainly for its iconic endangered brown bears. And, as much as the best time to visit the park is at the height of summer, it is only in fall that the bears really come to life in preparation for the long bitter winter ahead. In fact, to celebrate an uneventful and successful summer, Katmai Conservancy hosts the legendary #fatbearweek. This is a fun-filled contest that is held in the early weeks of October to fans of brown bears to give their opinion on which of the conservancy's 2000+ bears was the best in putting on pounds just before the beginning of the long hibernation months.

Apart from the brown bears, Katmai is also home to Naknek Lake and the famous Alagnak Wild River. These two form the largest ecosystem in the park that supports the life of all five rare species of the Pacific salmon in addition to the rainbow trout, Arctic grayling, Arctic Char and even the Northern Pike. This makes the conservancy a gem to sport anglers.

As mentioned earlier, the only way to get to Katmai is via a special floatplane. And, for most people, this is usually their first time in a small seaplane. That said, others will arrive for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the celebrated Valley of 10000 Smokes, raft in the park's turquoise waters, camp in the picturesque backcountry, kayak up and down the chain of rivers and lakes nicknamed Savonoski Loop and hike through the remote bays and coves that dot the park's coast line.

Speaking of which, the national park offers a walking tour to its visitors in the company of trained rangers where you can retrace our ancestors made millions of years ago. The Archeological District and the Brooks Visitor Centre is usually open between 1st June and 15th/16th September annually present an ideal chance to put your endurance to the test in the backdrop of a paradisal panorama.


Los Glaciares national park

Los Glaciares National Park designated this town on the traveler's map as the gateway to the Ice Kingdom in southern Argentine Patagonia. The park is a collection of lakes, woods and mountains which even includes a sizable portion of the famed Andes complete with its illustrious snow and ice which mellows to a harsh and arid Patagonian steppe as you move eastwards.

As its name suggests, Los Glaciares National Park is nestled on one of the largest continental ice extensions outside the Antarctic. It covers over 600,000 hectares (approximately 1.5 million acres) of rugged terrain that stretches all the way from the crest of the treacherous Andes before spilling to the gently rolling steppe. And considering that a majority of Los Glaciares is practically inaccessible to tourists except the conservancy's two iconic highlights - the granite needles - the park is without a doubt a hiker's paradise made on earth.

What's more, Los Glaciares National Park is also home to blue lakes, thundering rivers and an idyllic beach forest that looks as if it has been lifted right from a postcard photo. The UNESCO World Heritage site is not just rugged but also sublimely beautiful and littered with adventure, surprise and serenity, all in one eccentric package.

Named after the legendary Francisco Moreno, the notable Perito Moreno is a must-see and must-hike hallmark of Los Glaciares. If anything, it is as important to the park as tourism is to the Casa Rosada or Iguazu Falls. Actually, there are very few natural breathtaking wonders this far south as easily accessed or as spectacular than this glacier. Those who love to push the limits will be delighted to know that it is just a fingertip away from the prominent Patagonian Ice cap, which is as a matter of fact, one of the few non-receding glaciers we have today in the world.

That being said, what will most probably impress you is the sheer size of the celebrated Perito Moreno Glacier. The imposing glacier is a wall of steep jagged ice that measures a stupendous 4500 metres across and an unbelievable 60 metres high, soaring well above the Peninsula Magallanes channel. To put it into proper perspective, you could fit the whole city of Buenos Aires on top of it and be left with change.


Island Royale

The hidden gem of the national park lies in the northwestern corner of Lake Superior. Forested Island is 45 miles long and only 18 miles off the coast of northeastern Minnesota, but regular misty shores, high winds and turbulent currents can make it a rich adventure for the adventurer.

The island, which is found stark in the middle of Lake Superior, serves a natural harbour of wildlife, particularly its most renowned residents i.e moose and wolves. If anything, over 99% of the Isle Royale is designated and hived off as a federal protected area and only the island's top predator - the grey wolves - keep the moose population in check. This can explain why Isle Royale is Michigan's top destination that is responsible for over 17,000 visitors falling in love with it every year.

Good news to introverts and habitual loners, although Isle Royale is a national park, you are not likely to find many crowds thanks to its lack of easy accessibility. But, on a brighter side, the five-hour boat ride that you need to take from the upper peninsula ensures that Royale Island remains a camper's and hiker's haven with its naturally secluded environment. So lace up those hiking boots, prepare your backpack and also don't forget to bring along a pair of binoculars, Michigan is calling.

One of the unique aspects of Isle Royale's stunning beauty is the presence of a tourist ferry on its shores. The Ranger III (the name of the ferry) has a trip from Houghton to the island. The three hour sojourn offers visitors plenty of time to soak in the incredible beauty that the island radiates as the ferry makes it way around the dramatic shoreline. The sightseeing cruises can also be done on MV Sandy which is often laden with NPS (National Park Service) rangers who double up as narrators and guides. These sightseeing tours typically depart from the archetypal Rock Harbour Lodge and steers around quaint destinations within the island like Raspberry Island, Hidden Lake, Rock Harbor Lighthouse and Edisen Fishery.

Hikers will particularly enjoy spending time trying to conquer the Green Ridge Trail which is considered the crown jewel of the Isle Royale conservancy. The trail, which can be quite tortuous albeit pleasurably, runs approximately 43 miles starting from the spot where Greenstone Ridge rises above the majestic Lake Superior adjacent eastwards near Lookout Louise. The hiking trail then snakes through swamps, deep woods, picture-perfect greenery and even pristine lakes. The Greenstone Ridge then reclines into Lake Superior a short distance from Windigo which is situated at the islands' westernmost end.

While a majority of hikers complete this physically-taxing trail within three to five days, with the aid of vitamins that boost energy, you can attempt to take on the wilderness for less than 48 hours.


The common denominator in all of these incredible places to visit on earth is that they all require a fairly fit and energized individual to extract the most out of them. Well, while eating a relatively balanced diet, getting ample sleep and exercising on a regular basis is a recommended way of boosting your natural energy capacity, sometimes you require the aid of supplements and vitamins to be fully prepared to conquer the treacherous terrains that define the best places to visit on the planet.

Without further ado, here is a collection of vitamins to boost energy and metabolism to help you prepare for the challenge that lies ahead.


In conjunction with other vitamins from the B family, vitamin B12 plays an indispensable role in the conversion of food that you take into constructive energy that you can use to power your explorative ventures, whether that will be in the Andes or backwater Michigan. Vitamin B12 is also involved in the maintenance of the body's neural network and blood cells in incredible shape and wards off perennial fatigue by keeping anemia at bay.

You can boost your vitamin B12 levels by adding foods rich in animal proteins in dietary regimen - this includes the likes of dairy, meat, and fish products. And if you cannot get this, then foods that are sufficiently fortified with B12 - be they breakfast cereals or milkshakes - can be a good bet too.

That aside, Vitamin B12 supplements are a good alternative for those who are particularly at risk of being deficient in this micronutrient, for instance vegans and strict vegetarians.


Citrulline derives its importance from its ability to boost nitric oxide levels in the human body. You see, nitric oxide often acts as a functional vasodilator which increases the capacity of your blood vessels to carry oxygen and, consequently, boosting the circulation coefficient. And, as you may already know, the improved circulation allows nutrients, oxygen and blood to reach all cells hence increasing the total energy output potential. Now, if the opposite happens, when the body's ability to synthesize nitric oxide is impaired, fatigue and lack of drive/motivation often sets in.

As a natural precursor for NO (nitric oxide), citrulline supplements and boosters can help in boosting one's energy levels by simply improving the availability of nutrients and oxygen to the constituent muscle cells. Still on this, remember that citrulline plays a significant role in the completion of the urea cycle. It is, to be as specific as possible, used in the elimination of ammonia from the body. Ammonia is one of the contributors of fatigue, and the less that is in your system, the fresher and less fatigued you will feel.


Beetroot powder, as the name suggests, is manufactured from beetroot vegetable and, thereby, has an extraordinary amount of nitrate. Similar to the L-citrulline discussed above, nitrate is heavily involved in the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO) which effectively relaxes the body's blood vessels allowing for better oxygen delivery and blood flow. The end result is, of course, more energy synthesized and less fatigued incurred.


Creatine is naturally found in pork, red meat, fish and poultry. It is actually an ingredient of highly sought vitamins energy boost drinks that are popular among campers. It acts as a reliable but quick source of energy as it is involved in the conversion of wasteful ADP (adenosine diphosphate) to useful ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This gives you, as the camper or hiker, short but potent bursts of energy that are necessary when you want to cover short-duration distances within the least time possible.


One of the untold requirements of touring the best places on the planet to visit is that you ought to be in perfect physical shape. This will not only make it easier for you to overcome any duels along the way but also lessen the chances that you will be so overwhelmed by fatigue at the end to require urgent and expensive hospitalization. So as you plan your next vacation and pay for your air tickets, remember to also pack up some vitamins that boost energy.